Friday, December 30, 2011


What a shame.

My beloved company is now blocking access to 'blogspot' websites, just so you know, we're living in the dark ages where one must not surf the net during your own time (before and after office hours and lunch hours).

Goodness knows when they'll entirely block off access to Blogger.

The Macbook Pro's screen has gone wonky so I can't really read and see things properly now. I can't edit my pictures, hence the lack of mood to blog. What's the point of writing so much over here when there are some who rather scroll down to see only the pictures? =P

I've got a lot of on my plate right now. My list of unfinished tasks glare at me angrily (in my head). So I've decied that for my new year resolution(s), I'm keeping it pretty simple:

Finish up the unfinished, complete the uncompleted.

It's frustrating really, that work takes up so much of one's time. I've got a million unfinished tasks, mostly related to crafts.

In 2012, I shall try to do the following:

  • finish up and send out my half-written letters.

  • finish up my unfinished crochet projects.

  • tidy up my cluttered life.

  • improve the cooking experiments I've done so far.

  • keep training for that sub-2 half marathon, just in case. Who knows?

It's the second last day of the year and I've still got loads to do. *long face*

It's going to be a busy weekend again. I can't believe 2011 ended so quickly!

In case I don't have time to write, I hope you'll have a fantastic year end celebration this weekend before embracing 2012. Here's to a better year ahead with lots of improvement in everything that you do. Thanks for dropping by. ;D

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dutamas Runners : Raymond Ng

Raymond a.k.a. Tomatoman, is one of the bubbly runners you'd meet on the road who will never fail to greet you, unless of course, he's running very very hard and turning red at the same time. His day job involves being "kuli orang" (his exact words!) or in English, you'd take it to mean "someone's slave".

He recently finished as the top runner of Tom, Dick & Harry's Mou Man Tai 2.0 run held on 13th November 2011. Woohoo!

1. How long have you been running?
started 2006 after near death experience in 2005. and this can be another interview...hehehe.

2. When did you complete your first marathon? Was it painful?
first 42km was KL marathon 2007. painful, yes, caused by leg muscle cramps.

3. What was your most memorable event for 2011 and why?
can I have 2 events? :P
PJ half marathon - I did my PB :)
TMBT - 50km trail first distance beyond the marathon (in running)

4. When you're not running, do you play any other sports?
cycle...used to play racket games...badminton and squash but not anymore

5. You're very into trail running. Tell us, is it scary? Does it help you be a better (and faster) runner on the road? Would you be willing to guide newbie Dutamas Runners on an easy trail one day? ;D

(sorry, I had to throw that last one in. ;D)

yes, trail running is NOT boring like road running. definitely not scary during the day but when the sun sets, it can be a little spooky. other than that, it's definitely not scary if you like nature and don't mind mud on your shoes. it does help you to be more agile as trail running is not like the the flat road where you can actually close your eyes and run, provided no dog poo along your route!

trail running involves more muscles used. your feet not only move forward, they need to have extra movements, vertically & horizontally, or up down left right. essentially it's a full workout for your ankles. strengthen ligaments, tendons and other muscles as opposed to road running.

so when shall DR go for a trail run? easy trail...ok, let's go FRIM...26th ok?

6. What is the best and worst thing(s) about running?

best - you just feel good...partly due to endorphin...a "drug" produced by our own body which has the effects similar to morphine! yes! i'm not pulling your leg here. it's true.
google it or just read this link.
like it or not, we will be addicted to it...that's when you know why there are drug addicts. well, we are the natural and original drug addicts! woohoo! :D
who doesn't want to feel good, right?

worst - injuries!!!! cos you can't feel good when you can't run.

7. Do you have any favourite carbo loading food?

nope...i just eat anything...but remember carbo loading doesn't work if you munch munch munch the day before the race or marathon. you need to EAT, don't FAST the week before the run. not necessary to eat a horse or eat as if there's no tomorrow. just eat your regular meals with a bit more carbs.

8. If you could organise an event, how and what would it be?

Our Capt KYK DR1 has the answer. A time handicap run! Yes!!!

Set a distance, eg: 5km or 10km. Be honest with your personal best timing.
Slowest (no offence!) start first and fastest start last. Mathematically, all should arrive at the finishing line at the same time, but we know that's not going to happen. And that's where the climax is. Last few hundred metres will be everyone chasing & trying to outrun each other.
(DR1 kekeke, that's a good one!)

Raymond & Michelle at the Genting Trailblazer event.

9. What advice would you give to newbie runners?
Don't fly when you've just started walking!
Oh...what I mean is, don't jump into a marathon if you have not ran 5km, 10km, 21km, 30km. Why? Marathon is 42.195km...NOT 4.2km.
Now that I've got that clear, hopefully...
Ok, running is FUN!

DON"T be intimidated by those fast legs. You must understand that they did not start running yesterday or a newbie like you. Those fast runners have been running for years...yes ...years! They have trained and seasoned their legs, body and mind to be able to run fast over a long distance.

I started in 2006 and all I wanted then, was to run 10km without stopping and walk. I didn't bother about my time then.

After that, you increase your target...maybe run 10km a little faster than your previous time. Or just maintain your pace if you don't like to be gasping like fish out of water when you run faster. then when you've done enough 10km runs, you may like to try 15km or 21km and eventually progress to a marathon. But you don't have to if you don't like the idea. There are many runners who just stick to 10km or 21km. They don't like the marathon distance...too far la.

But on the other hand, there are marathon maniacs or freaks who only run marathons. they don't do 5km or 10km runs cos to them, too short. Or they just like the idea to run far over a long time to enjoy it.

Well, you don't have to follow anyone's standard, you just run according to how your body feels. DON'T be KIASU!

You don't have to beat or outrun anybody unless of course you have a bet with your friend and a beer is on the line. hahaha!

Don't be intimidated when you see a fast running tomato on the road, just say hi to Raymond!

A Biscotti Experiment

(Written on 13th December 2011)

With Christmas just around the corner, I realised that I am once again, far from my ambitious plans of completing the following:

1. Making and sending out Christmas cards;
2. Baking Christmas goodies; and
3. Saving enough money for my holiday out of the country.

To date, I have achieved NONE of the above. =(

A few months ago, I had this grand idea of making biscotti and giving them away to friends for Christmas.

No, I'm actually lying. I only wanted to make some to send to the BFF up north.

Unfortunately, November was a terribly crazy month and then came December, which was/is equally bad! Argh!

I was upset with the results as they turned out pretty charred. =((

I brought most of them to work (leaving only 6 pieces at home for YB, just in case he may want to munch them) but I was wary about offering them to my colleagues.

I finally mustered enough courage to offer them to my colleagues and was pleasantly surprised that they said it was pretty good!

I mean, I couldn't stop munching on them wouldn't mean my colleagues would feel the same. Could it be the chocolate bits that nailed it? Hmmm.

I was going for Almond Biscotti but my sliced almonds wouldn't stick stay in. Most of them fell out! Meh. I'll figure it out the next time. ;)

We finally opened up our Secret Santa presents at work that afternoon and it was fun. It was fun to see everyone tearing up the gift wrappers to see what they'd receive and trying to guess who was it from. You could read some happy expressions and some well hidden disappointed ones.

Some of the gifts this year included: a weighing scale (the recipient isn't fat!), Cadbury and Van Houten chocolates, Famous Amos cookies with a teddy bear, cufflinks and tie clip, imported hand lotion from Australia, a gigantic coffee mug (this was the favourite among everyone!), wrist rest and mouse pad, Schaeffer pen, Smurf soft toy, photo frame, shawl.

My Secret Santa gave me 2 mini books with cookie recipes and curry recipes. I thought I guessed correctly who my Secret Santa was but when I thanked them (I had 2 suspects), they both denied giving them to me!

I've given up guessing who gave them to me.

But it's timely now that Chinese New Year is around the corner - I can try some cookie recipes!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Quick Hello from Taipei

It's cold over here! The average temperature is about 16 C but when the wind blows in the evenings, it feels like 10 C! We got into Taipei at about 1am on Thursday. Set the alarm at 9am but we only left the hotel at 1030am to hunt for brunch before going into the city centre to pick up our race packs. I would love to include a few pictures in this post but somehow I can't log in to the blogger app. Geez. It's so grey and gloomy over here that it feels like London at times. ;P Stalls serving street food are abundant and honestly, I'm tired of eating already. I'm terrified of constipation. ;P The bakeries grab my attention most of the time, they have so many different types of buns that I wish I could try them all! I freeze whenever someone greets me or prattles on about their products in mandarin. All I can do is nod and smile and pray they won't speak to me anymore. I'm absolutely terrified because YB has warned me that I speak Malaysian Mandarin which has phrases directly translated from Cantonese so the Taiwanese may not understand me. For instance this evening, a lady asked me about my camera, whether it was too heavy to lug around. I could only answer her, "Yes, it's heavy." and smiled prettily. I suggested she get a compact camera and she replied that it wasn't just the same. Blah blah blah and she went off to take a picture of the subject I was taking before she approached me. Anyway it's Friday and we've got to go somewhere out of the city. We've been told to visit as many places as possible on weekdays as it's REALLY crowded on weekends. 你好!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dutamas Runners : Paul Dimaandal

Paul seems to know almost every runner on the road - he's CRAZY friendly! You'll be able to spot Paul from a mile away as he'll greet you with an ever ready smile and a loud chirpy hello!

(actually, I'd say it's his hysterical laughter!)

1. How long have you been running?
I've been running longer distances since 2007. During primary and secondary days, I'm also a track and field player doing sprints and hurdles.

2. Have you always enjoyed running? Seriously?
I always enjoy running. I actually love running regardless whether I meet my goals or not. Running always gives me a sense of peacefulness inside. It's the time for me to release the stress and tension I get from the everyday hustle and bustle.

3. When did you complete your first marathon and was it painful?
My first marathon was in Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2008 (SCMS). It was a torture! I got cramps just at the 15km mark because I lacked sleep the night before. Aside from that, I underestimated the marathon. :)

I walked the last 27km. :) The only thing that kept me moving was the finisher tee. :)

4. Do you think everyone (or maybe just runners) should complete at least one or two marathons in their lifetime?
Yes I think so. Running a marathon always is about conquering yourself and knowing your limits.

at the recent PJ Half Marathon.

5. What is the best and worst thing(s) about running?
Best thing in running: Running gives you the sense of peacefulness. It's also the best way to meet and socialize with other people.

Worse thing in running: It makes most of my toe nails ugly and they look awful. :D

6. When you're not running, do you play any other sports?
Yes I do. I swim, bike or play badminton.

7. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? (No, you can't say "I want to be a faster runner!")
How come it's like you've read my mind on being a faster runner? :) OK, Since you mentioned that as an exception, I'll go for being taller. LOL. I always feel having longer legs are always an advantage in most sports.

8. Do you have any favourite carbo loading food?
Hell yeah! :) I love a very good fried rice! Well, I know pastas are the best source of carbs compared to rice, but I still feel rice powers me up or gives me enough stored energy.

I actually eat anything before the race except spicy foods. I've had an experience of eating spicy food a day before the race. Race day comes and you're running faster to the toilets instead of towards the finish line! That sucked!

9. Are there any events you're looking forward to in 2012?
Nothing specific yet in mind but I want to run more in overseas if the budget permits :) I also want to know how fast I can finish a marathon in cold weather.

with wifey at the Newton Run 2010.

p.s. What's his daytime job, you ask? A design consultant.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Friday!

I am sleep indebted.

I wish I had the weekend to pay it off but no, not this weekend or the one after.

Maybe Christmas or the New Year, perhaps. But I highly doubt it.

I've been nodding off at work for the past few days, I guess spirulina isn't working for me anymore.

If you've been seeing photos of a ginger cat uploaded daily on my Facebook page, well, Kitty is always snoozing on the stairs leading out of the parking lot. And she's always sleeping in such funny positions that I just couldn't resist snapping pictures of her. =)

Check out those pinky paws!! *melt*

She really isn't bothered with people walking by her, she just remains in her position, not giving a damn.

Sometimes I recall my drinking days and cringe. There I was, a blubbery person. *shudder* And all I wanted to do was down 10 pints in one night.

That was my target, you know? A target I never achieved!

I think I only hit 9 pints and that was it.

A few weeks ago when I was suffering from a bad cough which I feared was the worst (asthma or pneumonia), MIL (mother-in-law) steamed some oranges stuffed with a bit of salt or honey for me. It was said it could cure bad coughs.

The first time I tried it, it was OK. I felt there was a wee bit of improvement in my cough. The second time, however, which was a week later, was a total reverse.

My phlegm and cough came back, which was a real bummer, but I didn't dare to tell them that perhaps this so-called cure wasn't a real remedy after all.


You're not going to think that I'm really lame to crawl into bed this early on a Friday night, are you?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Klue, Doh!

Looks like The Star beat me to it!

But then again, I am rather late in writing this entry. (Why oh why don't I have enough time in a day?)

Last Friday evening (3rd December), my youngest sister and I joined Nur and her sister to catch the preview of Klue, Doh! ... how can one resist a show priced only at RM25 (online), you tell me? But that was only for the preview, mind you! ;)

It was so quiet in the Publika and we almost got lost! I had to ask for directions from the security guard at the lobby.

Mercedes-Benz was having an event at the White Box and from afar, we thought hey, awesome! Klue, Doh!'s pretty happening but only to find ourselves at Black Box where everything was quiet.

The ticketing people weren't there yet (stuck in traffic) and the early comers including ourselves hovered around the corridor, surreptitiously casting glances to White Box where the glamourous August Man event was going on.

Anyway, at 830pm, one of the crew members asked everyone to show us our tickets before deciding whether we'd be suspects or witnesses. The four of us were made witnesses.

We got him to lend us an arm for this picture. ;D

We were wondering what would happen if we were made suspects. Part of the show, perhaps? Hehe.

But no. After a warm welcome from Geordie , he told us that the Suspects and Witnesses would be split up - witnesses go to right, and suspects go to left.

It's like entering a night club with a rubber stamp pass, but way cooler. ;D

This was the scene that greeted us when we entered through a dark passage and into the theatre. Most of the audience sat there giggling at the poor fella, and you could tell that everyone was just excited for the show to begin. Soon you'll notice Gangbang Sukajolo Suprianto the Indonesian maid (played by Nabihan Yusof) sitting on the left side of what appears to the study room, observing the body before the lights come on.

Then the show began. It was very entertaining and the audience couldn't stop laughing. When I recall that night, well, I can't stop giggling to myself all over again.

Then came the short interval, and the witnesses and suspects swapped places. This time, we were in the living room, taking in what had taken place while we were in the study room, which was beside the living room.

During the time when you were in the study room, you'd hear a lot of commotion from the other room, which was actually another scene going on in the living room.

So when you're watching the second part, things start falling into place and you'll finally see a 'clearer' picture, if that's what you'd like to think. ;)

There were some more hilarious scenes that to one extent, both my sister and I were clutching each other's arms to stifle our giggles.

I got home that night and raved about the show to YB and insisted he just had to watch it or he'll never know what I'm talking about. The next day when we visited Nur's family, her sister insisted that YB watch it, too ... so that we could all discuss the show!

I can't decide which character I liked best. Nabihan was superb with her Indonesian accent and all, but ASP Hamzah (played by Iqmal Shafiq) got the audience cracking up most of the time. Nur's sister thinks he's the funniest. The brother-in-law, Alan (played by JD Menon) made me laugh, too. He was always calling Gangbang as in 'gang bang'!

My sister likes Abraham, son of Jackson Mo, who was always traveling around to save the world.

Anyway, I'm not going to write much here. It's very hard to explain it with my atrocious grammar and vocabulary so you'll just have to watch it for yourself!

Watch it with an open mind and be prepared to smile all the way. I wasn't expecting much at first, to be honest (as I didn't know most of the cast) but I read the review and the synopsis of the show and couldn't wait to watch it.

I was reminded how much I enjoyed The Actors' Studio's The Importance of Being Earnest with Jit Murad and Gavin Yap, and Taylor's College' The Mousetrap years ago.

More info / other reviews:
Cinematic Concerns
Notes of a Song

Playing from 2nd December to 17th December 2011.
Tickets are priced RM38 for students/concession and RM68 for adults.
You can buy your tickets online at
Venue: Black Box, MAPS @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ran Out of the Terry Fox Run

13th November 2011, Sunday.
We were there bright and early just before 7am and the crowd was just arriving at Padang Merbok. We were puzzled as the run starts at 9am and the volunteers were supposed to be there by 7am.

We hung around near the stage, listening to the guy (with the irritating voice) on the microphone, trying to gather the volunteers around. Out of the blue, a lady got the guys to help out with boxes of food.

Alicia and I hung around, feeling like fools. The guy was seriously getting on our nerves, not knowing how to gather the volunteers together. He accused the students of wasting time when they had been standing at the stage all along, waiting for instructions! The way he spoke was very impatient and belittling, as if the college students were unworthy of his respect.

Please, the volunteers were lending a helping hand for free because we believe in a good cause (for cancer research). If you cannot even treat your volunteers right and with due respect, it is no wonder you are desperate for volunteers every year!

After a while, my blood was boiling and he was really hopeless as a leader, Alicia and I rounded up the guys and asked whether we should just head out for breakfast. We stood at the field a little longer, and then we couldn’t take it anymore. (Please, can they have someone else in charge of the volunteers next time? Someone with more direction and a pleasant voice.)

We left shortly before the flag off, to the bewilderment of some college volunteers waiting at the junction to direct the Terry Fox runners the right direction.

Another event was happening at Dataran Merdeka, it was a 10km run in support of the spastic association or something. Had we known, we would have been there to support the event as well.

Anyway, don’t get me wrong. I think CARIF should own the show and that the organizing committee needs to be well organized for a successful event.

My 2 cents worth:

1. Have a game plan for the volunteers. Gather them around the day before and brief them on their duties. Divide them into teams immediately so that on Event day, team leaders can get their team to work immediately at the designated areas.

2. With that sorted out, the big guy in charge of volunteers need not hog the microphone on Event day. Early birds who are supporting the event need not listen to the organizing committee shouting out instructions. They want a host to get the crowd pumping or brief us on CARIF’s importance and work and more about Terry Fox, things like that. That’s the whole purpose of the event, isn't it?

[I observed the Nike We Run KL event on 27th November 2011 and that’s how it should have been – only the host hogs the microphone.]

3. How do you differentiate the volunteers from the crowd? You make the volunteers purchase the current year’s T-shirt without giving them for free. I understand if it’s too much but let them have a cap or something? Everyone looks the same!

4. Once details are changed, like the starting time of the run – you must come up with new posters to highlight the change of time. Many were there early because the old poster stated that the run starts at 730am. Seriously. From 730am to 9.00am is a lot of difference!

5. 9.00am is ridiculously too late to start a run event. It is VERY HOT. 8.00am at the latest, please. There are people bringing their kids out, too!

Despite the disorganisation of the event, there were still plenty of supporters in attendance. I sincerely hope they had fun and enjoyed themselves.

Me? Us? We had fun goofing around ... somewhere else.

We ran to Petaling Street to have beef noodles for breakfast instead.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

14 Days To Go!

[Warning: picture heavy post!]

OK, ok, I am hopelessly slow at times, because as you know, I'm a procrastinator, and even my senses tend to procrastinate as well.

I only just realised *fidgety & excited* that my holiday is AROUND THE CORNER!!! Woo hoo!!

*fidgets around some more*

Me to YB: HOLY
Next week's
our last chance to finish up work before our

YB: Ya. (Ish. Such lacklustre response from a busy man
at work!)

Me: I'm checking out places for beef noodles now!
*drool emoticon*

Me: Oh, our last training run will be on the 12th Dec

We were supposed to discuss our budget for the trip last Friday but a yumcha session got in the way. It was nice to meet up with friends after a long tiring week, anyway.

We have also been ridiculously knackered from our runs and socialising. A 25km run last Saturday and a 10km on Sunday wore us down. I honestly thought Nike's We Run KL 2011 on Sunday was going to be a recovery run for the both of us, but once you're in a crowd, well, it's very hard to slow down. Nevertheless my legs were sore and I didn't do as well as I wanted to.

Looking back, November was an extremely busy month for the both of us, with weekends of traveling, if not running. The first weekend in November (5th - 7th), we were back in KK to visit my family, attend a friend's wedding and conquered the Padas River Rapids.

Before we left on Saturday, we were invited out for drinks at the last minute on Friday night. We were supposed to be resting at home and packing for our trip back to KK!

Even Lynn dropped by to say hi right after she landed in KL. ;D

YH's wedding reception was lunch at Promenade Hotel. We met up with our old friends; YB and his university mates (and my college friends) and I with my schoolmates.

We were lucky to be seated at a table with 2 darling kids. They were both so excited to be part of the toasting ceremony, one with a glass of water and the other with his milk bottle. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

There was so much food that we weren't able to finish. Such a waste.

YB has ALWAYS wanted to take on the Padas river while I have always resisted it. In the end, after years of resisting, I thought ah what the heck, I have to be adventurous some day!

We went with Riverbug. They picked us up from their office at 540am to drive us to Beaufort train station. We rode on the old locomotive train to our destination which took about 2 hours. It was fun but long. On our way back, the journey was stuffy and uncomfortable due to the humid afternoon air.

I could have peed in my pants, I'm not sure but I was terrified.
I am NOT an adrenaline junkie nor do I love water sports. I'm so glad I didn't fall into the water. You can tell I chose to fall INTO the raft instead. =P

However, my senses left me for a teensy bit and I took a leap of faith and jumped into the water to body raft.

It was scary shit when I submerged but fun when the waters were calm.

(Then I felt a bit fluey.)

The second weekend in November (12th & 13th) was the Terry Fox Run as well as the Tom, Dick & Harry's Still Mou Man Tai 2.0 run. That was a crazy fun weekend!

We were supposed to lend a hand at the Terry Fox event but after listening to the voice of the person in charge of volunteers, we were put off. And since we weren't planning on running, anyway, we decided to run OUT of the event instead. We headed to Petaling Street for beef noodles instead. ;D

Poor Gilbert must have been wondering how he succumbed to playing truant...

The same evening, most of us met up again at Taman Tun Ismail's Tom, Dick & Harry for their 2nd installation of the Mou Man Tai run.

RM30 registration fee for a 5km run and free flow of beer right after the run - how much better can this deal get? But the run to the park and back was no easy feat, especially when there are hills in the way. And I was, erm, feeling a bit fluey, remember? Ah, I shouldn't have ran.

I'm not sure whether we drank our fill but we couldn't stay too long as Dr OKT was hungry. We had to proceed to dinner after 3 jugs (and more) of beer.

We were high and happy!

Then I felt sick and miserable that week. It was very very frustrating, but you know that already.

Came Friday, I had to meet up with my old friends from school for dinner. By this time, I wasn't able to taste my food so urgh, it was a real bummer! But I could tell that the food at Basil Thai, Bangsar Village was not very good. Their pad thai was a lump of noodles stuck together!

The 3rd weekend (19th & 20th) saw Dutamas Runners making a road trip up to Ipoh and Penang for the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM). I shouldn't have ran since I was still sick but I did. It was a baaaad run, but the view from the bridge was breathtaking in the wee hours of the morning.

I think we had enough of hawker fare by the time we were ready to go. I still wasn't able to taste my food, you know, so I honestly didn't know whether they were yummy or not. But the price of char kuey teow for the big prawns is honestly not justified. *shakes head*

Geoff and YB made their PB in the 10km and half marathon respectively. It was a miserable LSD for me but somehow I managed to complete the 21km within 2:24. Argh.

Took time off from work to recover. Was worried by then that perhaps I had caught pneumonia on the bridge ... *touch wood*

The last weekend (26th & 27th) was our time for running and visiting friends. We made a trip up to Ipoh to surprise YB's dad for his birthday. I baked him a banana walnut cake which wasn't rich nor sweet, thankfully it was too his liking. =)

Visited our friends who were back from Perth for a while. Darling Ryu Iskandar is 3 going on 4. He's a big boy now, and is still his hyperactive self. YB played the role of the manny while we chatted.

Miya Suraya is round as ever (look at those cheeks) and has just started to walk.

Why are babies just so adorable???

It was our first Nike We Run KL event and man, it was crazy crowded! Some of the guys were at Desapark City Run while most of us were in KL.

It was a very good event, I must say, and perhaps it's all part of the branding. RM40 registration for a buddy sign up (2 pax) is very cheap, especially when you get a free dry-fit tee for the run.

Free massage and ice cream. Free concert from Mizz Nina and Joe Flizzow ... not to say I was listening to them as I was busy chatting away.

It was a recovery run for both YB and I but somehow he managed to maintain a very good pace while I had a difficult time trying to keep on going. I walked a lot!

But I'll take the 57:07, thank you very much.

We couldn't hang around too long with the gang for breakfast as we had to finish decorating the cake before driving up to Ipoh immediately.

Note that the icing sugar completely disappeared by the time evening came!

The Parents-in-law ("PIL") weren't expecting us that weekend as we thought we'd keep it a surprise. We called home as we were outside the house, "Please open the gate, we're outside!"

Dad asked us why weren't they informed of this trip. YB and I both looked at each other and grinned ruefully, "Uhmmm, surrrrprise!!"

We returned to KL on Monday afternoon, just in time for me to rush out to meet Steph and Dot for tea. Dot brought baby Zoeyy along and she was such a delight to our tea party!

We did our best to squeeze in as much catching up as we could in that short allotted time, but awww, Zoeyy proved too much of a lovely distraction for us to exchange enough gossip in our lives. =)

The rest of Monday night was spent snuggling up in the sofa watching Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides and Horrible Bosses.

I am also in charge of my department/floor's Year End Gift Exchange via Secret Santa Programme and cross fingers it will be fun and successful. We have up to 12th December for everyone to fill up the designated Drop Off area and we'll open up our presents the following day. The gift must cost at least RM15 and above.

I wonder who got my name? I gave hints that I adore Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh and I needed gloves for my cold hands!

The last day of November saw dinner at Rakuzen, Hartamas Shopping Centre with my old friends. It is always the same as before, some catching up and gazillion of laughs. I have never known it any other way since our high school days. *wipes a tear*

This picture is actually dedicated to our dear VK in Perth, who's busy making big bucks.

And last but not least, November brought my sister her darling daughter into the world, making YB and I officially an uncle and aunt!!

Woohoo! I wish I could go back soon to swoon over her chubby cheeks but sadly, I will only be home in February before Chinese New Year ends.

Call me a procrastinator (again and again), but I am checking out our flight tickets to KK this instant!