Tuesday, August 18, 2009

just by ONE minute.

omg omg OMG!!!!!!!!
got the time results for KL Rat Race today and my team is 4th place, by ONE FREAKING MINUTE!!
so geram!
must do better next year!
i need to improve my time by 2 minutes, at least.
*takes a deep breath*
see, it's true what they say ... running is addictive.
you just want to keep on running to improve your stamina and strength.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dave's & DELIcious at 1 Utama

it was a night of gluttony sometime last week, with 3 friends. if you love your pork, why not head down to Dave's for some pork knuckle, caesar's salad with bacon, ham & mushroom pizza, porky bits in your pasta ... the real deal! ;)

for starters, we were given something off the menu: mushrooms stuffed with cheese, bacon bits and ... err ... etc!

they were so stuffed that you can't really see the mushrooms here! *om nom nom nom*

we also had the chicken parmigiana, oooh succulent chicken ... err ... thigh? with cheese on top! thumbs up!

our plate of pasta was off the menu as well! it pays to know some people, y'know. ;)

the pasta wasn't my cuppatea, it felt like lasagne sheets cut into strips so the texture was thicker than the usual pasta. OR, i could be wrong. it could be just extra large fettucine?

what's missing here are pictures of the crispy pork knuckle and their specialty pizza of ham, mushroom, pineapple and mayo. wait. perhaps there was no mushrooms, but oh well. the mayo just brought us over the moon! LURVE IT!!

thereafter, we made our way to the new wing for dessert at DELIcious. our friends went crazy, not having tried most of the desserts on the menu.
mango cheesecake.
dry/thick/rich in cheese.
the mango flavour was lovely.

classic chocolate cake.
still wasn't melted enough for me.

not much 'oomph' - it needed some Tia Maria. ;)

peach frangipane.
reminded me of apple pie.
utterly butterly crust - sinfully rich!

the damage for 4.
the carrot cake was superb (far right).
i love how they put miniature carrots on top!

now, i feel like having some carrot cake with that cream cheese icing, *slurp!

rat race verdict.

the personal one.
could've done better? i dunno.

secretly dang devastated, mmkay.

whatever it is, time to focus on running 21k ... gone are the 5k - 10k days, man.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Modesto, Desa Sri Hartamas

kept these pictures on my camera for sooooo long, that it's time to unload it onto the blog!

and i can't even remember when we went to Modesto's for lunch ... March? April? hmmm.

if you have the time for lunch with a 50% discount off selected pizza and pasta, you should visit Modesto's. RM13-15 for pizza/pasta is a pretty good deal!

us 4 ladies shared the crispy duck (RM22, i think) appetiser, 1 pizza and 2 pasta, and 2 dessert.

i enjoyed the tiramisu more than the other one.

the panna cotta looked good! but i did not particularly enjoy the milky taste of it.

the 50% off is only available for lunch, Monday - Sunday. If you're a UOB cardmember, you are entitled for 50% for dinner as well! =) [wait, my memory is very bad. it could be OCBC card ... but i'm sure it's UOB!]

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

run run run!

haha, contrary to the title, i just feel like lazing about and not think about running.
need to rest my poor tired thighs, of which its muscles have been very rebellious, thus resulting in a very disappointing performance at Adidas' King Of The Road '09 in shah alam yesterday.

20mins into the run, my thigh muscles were already telling me, "Stop, stop! Can't take it anymore! Don't want to run!"

it was a mental vs physical fight.

saw a guy peeing in the bushes 15mins into the run.
which made me envious - he had no shame!

the roads were slopey, and somewhat long and boring.

there were no signs to tell us how far we had run or how much more we had to go til the finishing line.
thankfully at the 2nd or 3rd refreshment stall bottled water was given out.
i was parched (clearly not hydrated enough before the run!) and decided to grab one, knowing how troublesome it would be to run with it in one hand.

at the last 3km, i desperately needed to pee, argh!
but still, i finished my bottle of water cos the throat was dry.

i thought i was not going to make it because it really felt like forever.
many a times i wanted to call YB to tell him that i was giving up.
but then i'd recall him telling me off that quitters were such losers, especially when they've never tried hard enough!
so i had to keep on going.

and then when i saw the signboard saying "Stadium Shah Alam" ahead, i'd spur on, thinking that it wasn't too long before i'd be done! whee!
but nooooo, over the slope, the stadium was still not in sight.
had to keep on going ...

then came another signboard saying the same thing, stadium ahead.
i'd move my sluggish thighs as hard as i could, secretly thinking to myself, "i can still do it within the 80mins!"

but to be tricked, yet again.

so annoying, ok!

finally, when i spotted the stadium ahead, i sped up.
while trying not to pee.
it was torture.

sped up until the road leading into the carpark of the stadium.
"isn't it the end yet??" i frantically screamed inside my head.
"i need to effing pee!!!!!!!!"

i ended up just walking ... cos the finish line was on the track field.
ok, so i did eventually jog towards the finish line cos i didn't want to look like a loser. =P

and they still had medals and certs to give out.
another one for the collection, so that's cool.
81mins at best.
secretly very upset with myself.

i'm sure it was a tough one as the men's open had to complete the 11k in 50mins but many were still running alongside the women.

anyway, i still dislike the colour orange. it does make me look tubby!

p.s. Gary Leon Robert, aged 22, was found dead yesterday, in the basement of the stadium. he was reported missing after the marathon which he competed in the 22k category. most of us are very shocked and horrified.