Tuesday, May 25, 2010

oh when again

can i go scuba diving??
seriously, WHEN?!

met up with the bunch last night as they wanted to show us their video and photos taken at Layang-Layang last week. ahhhh once again, i could not help but to feel fidgety in my seat, wishing i too was there to witness what they saw.

they are planning several trips for the rest of the year and i really cannot help but to be envious, with my future holiday plans still undetermined. argh! for example, let' say i'm off to Shanghai for a week, so it means that i can't possibly squeeze in another week of holidays in that same month.

tricky, tricky ...

of course, i finally realised that the bunch has the time and budget for their diving trips, and they also purely plan their holidays for the year to be diving trips (only) per se. and i guess we're not like that, because we want to do so many other things, like trek in Nepal, climb Mt Kinabalu again, etc ...

BUT, a part of me also wish i was part of their gang. *shrug*

i really can't wait til my next diving trip! *fidgets around impatiently in my head*

ooooh but i do want to go back to Siem Reap.
and other places, of course. ;)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time for a New Racket!

last saturday was Family Day for our division. there were games like badminton, netball, futsal, paintball and volleyball for departments to play against departments and business partners. basically there were 5 teams.

i was roped in as a replacement on friday and it worried me. i knew if i played badminton on saturday, my run on sunday was going to be messed up. oh, and i stayed in on friday night, too, just to keep my energy intact. =P

anyway, out of 4 games, i lost 2 and won 2. it's probably because my partner was quite strong, hehe as she covered the back while i was made to take care of the front, and to be honest, i really suck at being at the front. =P

and i never knew we had so many good male players!

old pics from La Bodega.

our breakfast on the sunday after the Putrajaya Night Marathon. ;) YB says the portion of its Big Breakfast ain't big enough anymore!

Set Lunch at Canton Fare

mini cupcakes from wondermilk.

lunch is always a pain during the weekdays as nobody knows where to go. sure we have our favourite places or places of default (some colleagues can go to this one restaurant every day and every weekm hehe).

out of the blue, two decided to check out Canton Fare's set lunch. their poster of 'khau yoke' (yam with pork belly) outside their restaurant looked rather delectable.

we were wondering why it was still empty at 1220pm. but the lunch crowd came in at about 1pm, so i guess the food isn't too bad at times?

i chose the set lunch of chicken with bitter gourd. (photos are a bit shites cos i set the wrong settings =P)

each set lunch comes with 3 condiments in fat round spoons - celery, peanuts and fried crabstick pieces. it's like a bento set in a japanese restaurant!

a better view of my set lunch @ RM13.

the 'khau yoke' i.e. yam with pork belly set both my colleagues chose @ RM13. the dish which lacked presentation. =P

it tasted just ok. but that's a first and last time for us. ;)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Redang in a Nutshell

in the Sejahtera ferry to Redang Island ... packed like sardines, eh! economy class, what to do. =P

the first view of the island from the ferry as we arrived. i got nervous when i heard the sound of the waves crashing ... i had my doubts whether i'd be able to complete my OW course.

woke up early for a sunrise picture the next day.

still too early to be lounging around, hehe.

2 guys from my OW course joined us on an optional dive. it just looks like the guy behind is trying to sabotage the guy's oxygen or something. hehe.

hey hey, that's me! underwater!

filling in our log books upon completion of the course. whee!

the pool was unusually quiet that day.

saturday night is barbeque night! the prawns were great, yum yum. i had seconds!

another early morning at the beach, everyone else was snapping pictures of the sunrise.

sun rays.
footprints in the sand...

a typical view of the ferry drop off at the island. we had to wait for 40mins before we could get on.

Coral Redang Island Resort staff waiting with us for the ferry. =)

Christy and YB killed waiting time by making grasshoppers, literally from grass! =P

a Redang resident paid us a visit.

lunch at a chinese restaurant in kuala terengganu.

the archway to Kg. Cina (a.k.a Chinatown). but there's nothing much to see, don't be fooled. =P

our lunch for 7 pax - 5 pieces of tenggiri fish was the expensive dish.

what did i bring back with me from Redang? sandfly bites! ughhhhh. real bad. i hope i won't have permanent scars!

Friday, May 7, 2010

go shawty

it's yo birthday ... we're gonna party like it's your birthday ...

last night i met up with some friends for a catch up and dinner - i brought domino's pizza. they brought mini cupcakes from wondermilk and sang me happy birthday, the first to have been sung for me this year! *blush*

it was very nice of them to have done so, and to welcome me with open arms to their diving gang ... once we were known as TC2 (to climb, to conquer) for our Mt Kinabalu climb in 2005. and last year, they became TD2 (to dive, to drink) when they took up diving. so YB and i are the last to join TD2.

in fact, they're off to take their PADI Advanced Open Water next weekend onwards and i'm in envy!

but i'm sitting in for their theory classroom tonight, cos they just want me there. hehe.

tomorrow night, i'll be celebrating another friend's birthday, woohoo!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kedai Kopi Hai Peng

in Cukai, Terengganu.

managed to take a pic when the roads were clear. the coffee shop is located right at a busy junction. if you're coming from where we came from, you will see it. (if in doubt, it's located at Jalan Sulaiman.)

i had the Cham Peng, YB had the Kopi O Peng and we ordered 1 toast bun with kaya and 1 toast bread with kaya. the bun/bread cost RM1 each. you can see that the drinks are sealed. Priced at RM2.50 (about there).

at first bite, it was zomg-oh-so-fluffy-so-nice! it's fluffiness came as a surprise.
at the second bite, it was gawd-too-much-butter-can-gag.

since i forgot to take a picture of the toast bread, we ordered 1 more piece, that ended up being 1 set = 2 slices. aiks.

we should have opted for kaya & butter on the side!

the place was packed with people of all races. only in towns like these do i feel the spirit of being one nation. =)

a group pic gone wrong. =P

verdict: the bread is so much better than Old Town Kopitiam's! but that's because i think Old Town Kopitiam is a mega rip-off! i will try the Nasi Dagang the next time i'm in Cukai. ;)

post holiday blues?

the brain was still a bit woozy today, it felt like it was still bobbing on sea surface and playing ping pong with the walls of my skull ... gahh, nausea it was!

am now researching on Tioman. ;D

(too sleepy to continue with this post so this shall come to an abrupt end!)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

more more MORE

last day at redang, and it's my birthday today. =)

completed my OW yesterday and this morning we were given our temporary PADI card. thereafter, YB signed us up for a dive at 2pm at Mini Mount, one of the popular dive spots around Redang Island.

was a bit nervous in choppy waters, but fared much better than yesterday morning @ Mak Cantek - we actually got back up on the boat and headed elsewhere cos the current was too strong then. Mini Mount is near Mak Cantek, and it was still a bit choppy today.

we immediately descended along the rope, and gosh, you could feel the current!

the minute we arrived at the seabed, wahahaha i had trouble staying still and crashed into 2 OW buddies who decided to go for the dive as well. grr ... they were actually observing a turtle and then a scorpionfish. *frus*

i still need to learn how to 'brake' underwater. hehe.

spotted some nudibranches. damn YB for having me hooked on nudibranches!

and i've developed a habit of waving at the clownfishes peeping out from the anemone. ;)

okay, now i understand the addiction to scuba diving ... bring it on!!