Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time for a New Racket!

last saturday was Family Day for our division. there were games like badminton, netball, futsal, paintball and volleyball for departments to play against departments and business partners. basically there were 5 teams.

i was roped in as a replacement on friday and it worried me. i knew if i played badminton on saturday, my run on sunday was going to be messed up. oh, and i stayed in on friday night, too, just to keep my energy intact. =P

anyway, out of 4 games, i lost 2 and won 2. it's probably because my partner was quite strong, hehe as she covered the back while i was made to take care of the front, and to be honest, i really suck at being at the front. =P

and i never knew we had so many good male players!

old pics from La Bodega.

our breakfast on the sunday after the Putrajaya Night Marathon. ;) YB says the portion of its Big Breakfast ain't big enough anymore!

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