Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Set Lunch at Canton Fare

mini cupcakes from wondermilk.

lunch is always a pain during the weekdays as nobody knows where to go. sure we have our favourite places or places of default (some colleagues can go to this one restaurant every day and every weekm hehe).

out of the blue, two decided to check out Canton Fare's set lunch. their poster of 'khau yoke' (yam with pork belly) outside their restaurant looked rather delectable.

we were wondering why it was still empty at 1220pm. but the lunch crowd came in at about 1pm, so i guess the food isn't too bad at times?

i chose the set lunch of chicken with bitter gourd. (photos are a bit shites cos i set the wrong settings =P)

each set lunch comes with 3 condiments in fat round spoons - celery, peanuts and fried crabstick pieces. it's like a bento set in a japanese restaurant!

a better view of my set lunch @ RM13.

the 'khau yoke' i.e. yam with pork belly set both my colleagues chose @ RM13. the dish which lacked presentation. =P

it tasted just ok. but that's a first and last time for us. ;)

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