Sunday, May 2, 2010

more more MORE

last day at redang, and it's my birthday today. =)

completed my OW yesterday and this morning we were given our temporary PADI card. thereafter, YB signed us up for a dive at 2pm at Mini Mount, one of the popular dive spots around Redang Island.

was a bit nervous in choppy waters, but fared much better than yesterday morning @ Mak Cantek - we actually got back up on the boat and headed elsewhere cos the current was too strong then. Mini Mount is near Mak Cantek, and it was still a bit choppy today.

we immediately descended along the rope, and gosh, you could feel the current!

the minute we arrived at the seabed, wahahaha i had trouble staying still and crashed into 2 OW buddies who decided to go for the dive as well. grr ... they were actually observing a turtle and then a scorpionfish. *frus*

i still need to learn how to 'brake' underwater. hehe.

spotted some nudibranches. damn YB for having me hooked on nudibranches!

and i've developed a habit of waving at the clownfishes peeping out from the anemone. ;)

okay, now i understand the addiction to scuba diving ... bring it on!!


  1. congrats! next up - advance ow so u can go deeper and maybe night dive. :D

  2. cheers!
    ah well, most definitely considering deep dives and night dives! it's just a matter of WHEN!!!! =)

    am still a bit woozy from the sea, hmmmm