Tuesday, May 25, 2010

oh when again

can i go scuba diving??
seriously, WHEN?!

met up with the bunch last night as they wanted to show us their video and photos taken at Layang-Layang last week. ahhhh once again, i could not help but to feel fidgety in my seat, wishing i too was there to witness what they saw.

they are planning several trips for the rest of the year and i really cannot help but to be envious, with my future holiday plans still undetermined. argh! for example, let' say i'm off to Shanghai for a week, so it means that i can't possibly squeeze in another week of holidays in that same month.

tricky, tricky ...

of course, i finally realised that the bunch has the time and budget for their diving trips, and they also purely plan their holidays for the year to be diving trips (only) per se. and i guess we're not like that, because we want to do so many other things, like trek in Nepal, climb Mt Kinabalu again, etc ...

BUT, a part of me also wish i was part of their gang. *shrug*

i really can't wait til my next diving trip! *fidgets around impatiently in my head*

ooooh but i do want to go back to Siem Reap.
and other places, of course. ;)

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