Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Smokehouse, Bangsar

A few weeks ago, steph and i met up for dinner at Smokehouse on a Thursday night. i read somewhere that the food was not too bad, and so was the ambience.

so off we trudged, without dot in tow as she was on sick leave.

we were pleasantly surprised when we were informed that for the restaurant's anniversary (the month of May), there was a 20% discount on the ala carte dishes.

The Smokehouse is situated right next to Madam Kwan's in telawi area of Bangsar. i don't think you'll miss it!
steph wanted wine, so we had a bottle of red wine to complement our dinner. hmmm i think it has been a loooooooooooooong time since i had some wine with dinner!

the menu not only includes a western selection, but also a thai one. we opted for Pad Thai as i must confess, i miss the one served at Silom @ Plaza Damansara a long time ago.

the catfish kerabu which i find it rather chewy. is it meant to be like that?

i know steph really wanted to order the duck curry from the thai selection but i wanted to try the chicken pie which had rave reviews.

it was awesome! i don't think much of the side dish, though. the carrots looked sad and uninviting. the mash potato is supposed to go with the gravy from the pie.

at RM28, it is a dish worth sharing! steph said it reminded her of Dome's gourmet pie and it does, actually, but this is a bigger portion.

i love the pie!!!! =)

next time, i will try the lamb shank.


  1. i forgot to mention a great big thank you to steph for dinner!! xoxo

  2. most welcome! :)