Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ga Xao Sa

Which simply means Lemongrass Chicken in Vietnamese. ;)

I was missing the taste of lemongrass so I browsed the Internet for something simple to cook. Laksa sounded too tedious for a weekday's dinner so obviously I went for something as easy as a stir fry.

Came across a recipe for Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken and decided that this was the least complicated one to follow.

(Yes, you caught me. I normally search high and low for a particular recipe and I'd chose the one with the least ingredients and most straightforward of instructions. ;))

We enjoyed this dish with noodles.

Now I need to find some more decent looking lemongrass. The ones sold at the supermarkets are very old and sad!

p.s. Hope you had a great Sunday!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chicken Vindaloo

Happy Deepavali / Diwali!

In conjunction with Deepavali, I thought I'd cook up some Indian dishes for last night's dinner. Well, that was the plan, anyway. Since Tuesday. =P

But searching through the Internet proved too fruitful, as there are many Indian dishes from either India or Sri Lanka or even Goa.

Chicken Vindaloo is apparently a Goan dish, by the way. Did you know? ;)

Honestly, I couldn't find the recipe I really wanted to try (I forgot to bookmark it) but I came across the one which I have been keeping for so long. It's this recipe but honestly, you know how hopeless as I am with my ingredients, I only made do with what I had at home.

The outcome? It was really good. But I think the spices would have tasted much better with beef.

And you know the chopped long bean dish you normally see at mamak restaurants? Yeah, I cooked that as well. I'm not sure why it's labeled as curry, though.

Only two dishes, you say?
And not even photogenic!

Well, I was hoping I had some papadum to go with my dishes but I had to chuck my packet of papadum away. Argh.

Paired with a bottle of Terra Andina's Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, the wine enhanced the intensity of the spices from the vindaloo. Completely blew us away!

(Yes, that's a fried egg on YB's plate. We ran out of eggs, or I'd have one on mine, too! =S)

My shortcut-

4 chicken thighs, deboned and diced
1 potato, chopped into small pieces (I didn't have yellow onions)

1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp cardamom seeds
1 tsp black pepper seeds
1 tsp chilli powder (oops, I just noticed it was supposed to be 1 tbsp)
1 inch of young ginger, chopped finely
2 tsp cumin seeds
1 small bird eye chilli, deseeded and chopped (I will add 2 the next time as 1 is not enough)

2 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp salt
3 cloves of garlic, chopped finely
1/2 cup of water (I forgot to buy vinegar! I did contemplate fish sauce, though)

4-6 tbsp oil
1 potato, diced
1-2 cups water

1. Gently roast A above for about 5 minutes on low heat.

2. Put A into the blender along with B. Add a bit of water, if necessary. Say, half a cup, bit by bit.

3. Marinate the chicken with the sauce in a bowl. Cover and leave it in the freezer for an hour or more, if in a rush. If not, leave it in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

4. Heat oil and saute potato.
5. Add chicken and stir fry a while, adding oil if necessary.
6. Add water (1 cup max) and stir occasionally. Add salt or chilli, according to taste.
7. Leave it covered to simmer for a few minutes.
8. Garnish with fresh coriander and served with rice.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger

I never knew what was 'pulled' meat until I decided to check it out on the Internet. (Isn't the Internet a glorious thing??)

I've always wanted to try Betty's Midwest Kitchen at Aman Suria but to date, I haven't had the chance to dine there. I heard the pulled pork burger over there is pretty yummy.

I decided to take things into my own hands - cook this pulled whatever meat I had in my fridge. I went with this recipe because it had the least ingredients. ;D

I'll summarise the steps for you.

1. Put deboned chicken into the crockpot.

2. Put in the chopped/diced yellow onion next.

3. Then in goes the diced pineapple.

4. Add dollops of barbeque sauce, up to 1/3 of the bottle. It's the size of a small bottle of Maggi's ketchup/chilli sauce.

5. Cook on high for 2 hours.

6. Remove chicken and shred them up. Put them back in and stir the ingredients. Continue to cook.

7. Two hours later, ready to serve.

Verdict: Good.

During the time it was stewing in the crockpot, the aromatic scent of the barbeque sauce almost killed YB and I both. It was close to midnight by the time it was cooked!

The next day I heated it up just a bit and served it on burger buns for dinner.

Please don't be like me, I had so little chicken but so much pineapple. And don't be deceived - it was so filling that we regretted making a 3rd burger for both of us to share. We were stuffed!

p.s. This was Friday or Saturday night's dinner, just a few days after the Butter Kaya Muffins were made.

Friday, October 21, 2011

My First Full Marathon - TRJM 2011

It has been a while, isn’t it?

3 weeks has gone by and I’ve only done 2 LSD since then.

And this report is slowly collecting dust.

4th October 2011
Has it really been a week and a half, since I completed my first full marathon? Goodness. It felt so long ago! So what if it wasn't a real marathon with timing chips, placing and prize monies for the top 3 winners. But it was a real marathon distance with finisher medals and finisher Tshirts!

I’ve tried a couple of times to sit down and write my race report on The River Jungle Marathon 2011 (“the RJM”). But every time I conjure up those feelings and thoughts I had experienced during the RJM, they would flutter around in my head like restless butterflies. My heart would beat faster as I recall the run, and I am once again lost in it. To be honest, words fail to describe it all and I’m tempted to skip this report and tell you in a nutshell.

We arrived at Choon Hwa School in Pekan Batu 18 in time for the briefing to begin. First things first, we queued up for the mobile toilets. As a newcomer, I paid close attention to James’ briefing. He looked kinda cute, though. =P

Thanks for the pic, Jamie!

Seng Chor arrived and the five of us, including Bench and Paul, waited near the starting line, to be part of the flurry of photographers.

Jeff Ooi came around and started distributing paper with his and his wife’s name with a big red heart printed on it and asked us to hold it up for the photo session. We then stood at the start line, gripping on to the paper and waiting for our claim to fame.

I decided later on that I’d rather hide behind the guys than be caught standing right in front. Too shy la.

The Run
With the sound of the horn and the toots from a car, the runners headed off into the darkness. Most runners had their headlights on and as some parts of the route had street lights, it was enough for some runners to run without headlights.

The first 5km
The route required runners to make a U-turn at 2.5km. On the way back, we had a chance to wave at the other runners heading our direction.

The first water station was at the school where the starting line was. Every subsequent 3km after was a water or Gatorade station, so runners were always well hydrated.

We ran about 32mins for the first 5km which, according to my plan, was too fast. Never mind, we thought. We’ll just continue running anyway, since the road was nice and flat.

The second 5km
As runners slowly dispersed, the route became quiet. The stillness of the wee hours of the morning were a welcome sound, but YB and I continued chatting about goodness knows what.

It felt like our usual LSD where we’d make small talk while clocking the mileage. =)

Jamie caught up with us and we made small talk about possible photo opportunities we had seen along the way. Unfortunately, with just a compact camera in the dark, we were handicapped.

Past the second water station, YB and I were running our own pace until we had to overtake a runner in front of us. Just as we passed him, he’d speed up to overtake us, and then slowed down, getting in our way.

You know how you’re doing your own pace and there are times your body just propels forward and you are therefore obliged to run past runners ahead of you?

It became like some dance routine between us as the same thing repeated twice. We’d overtake him with our current pace, and then he’d speed up to overtake us, just so he could remain ahead of us.

We figured it could be a male ego thing because when Jamie ran past him, the runner gave him no heed. When YB overtook him and stayed ahead, he remained contented behind YB.

Eventually, we overtook him and kept some distance between us. The dancing had to stop sometime, right? *grin*

At the 10km mark, I checked my watch and saw that it was 1:07. OK, still bit too fast.

10km – 15km
Out of the blue, Jamie came from behind and told me to watch out, the slopes are coming. I distinctively remember exclaiming, “What?? I thought it’s halfway…?”

“Yes, the gradual slope starts now!”

As he sped off, I quickly caught up with YB and passed on the message. We decided we might as well keep it easy (we could see Jamie up ahead) and crossed our fingers we’d survive this mountain of a slope.

We caught up with Seng Chor and chatted for a while. Paul and Bench caught up with us too.

15km – 20km
As the skies gradually became light, we could see some runners ahead road gently sloping up and winding into the corner. It is at the 17km when the steep climb began.

YB and Bench continued on a steady pace while Paul, Seng Chor and I half ran and half walked up the hill. Either one of us would run up ahead while the other two straggled behind. When the person ahead eventually gives up to walk, the two would catch up and do their best to trudge on but only to give up a few metres later. By then, everyone was immersed with their own thoughts.

After spending so much time battling with the so called Spirit Breaker hill, we could see the top of the hill, with PT Lim waiting to catch action shots of the survivors.

I made sure I straightened myself and looked energized. =P

The top of the slope was a relief. Timing wise, it was a pretty bad one.

20km – 25km
The first 2 km downhill was so much better but tough on the knees. Through the mist, we caught glimpses of the dam and enjoyed the welcomed distraction.

Upon reaching the foot of the hill, we had to turn right on the route, only to make a U-turn to head back to the left of the junction. Most of us found it quite unnecessary for the u-turn but I guess they needed to chalk up the mileage?

Seng Chor helped us snap a pic.

I saw a cyclist stop to snap pictures of the runners. I waved at him. Wasn’t sure who was he waiting for or whether he was one of the photographers. He took plenty of me *cough* but I haven’t come across them in Facebook.

25km – 30km
It was pretty uneventful.

There were groups of cyclists along the way and a girl cheered us on.

“Well done! Keep it up!” she said.

It’s such a delightful moment when strangers cheer you on. You tend to pull yourself up, put your chin forward and keep your legs moving.

Started to get a bit of cramps on my right thigh. Dang. Got me worried.

It was already 4 hours.

30km – 35km
Every now and then, my right thigh would harden up and I would have to stop for to stretch. I really didn’t want to stop but I had to. It was bloody frustrating but there was nothing I could do.

A group of cyclist went by and one guy in pink caught our attention. Wished I had my camera in hand!

Come 33km, YB and I silently congratulated each other.

It was the longest distance we’ve had to cover so far and I couldn’t help but to break into a smile.

“Yay!” I enthused. “Awesome! This is amazing!”

YB admonished me for celebrating so soon. Boo.

Then I recalled Melvin who asked us once, “What is this ‘wall’? How does it feel like?”

I laughed.

Damn the guy for not knowing what a wall is!

35km – 39km
I hate this part. I hated this part.

Every time I recall this part, waves of disappointment would come crashing down on me again. (Like right now, as I write this.)

The cramp in my right thigh was more frequent than before. Then it would alternate between my left thigh and my left calf as well. Soon, I was walking more than I was running and I was really, really, really frustrated.

C’mon, I begged legs. “Just a bit more and we’re home free! Please, please, PLEASE!”

But they refused to listen and so YB made us walk from 37km to 38km.

I hated it. I didn’t like seeing other runners past me by but what could I do?

I think somewhere along the way we bumped into Gila Bola Karim who was enjoying his ice-cream. We eyed it hungrily, and told him that was definitely a good find.

“No choice,” He shrugged. “I needed it.”

Lucky fellow.

It started to drizzle. I stretched some more and put my cap on. Told YB that I was ready for the final onslaught.

“Let’s do this,” he said.

39km – 40km
I tried not to look at my watch because there was no way in hell I could make it in sub-5 hours. Yes, I was sorely disappointed.

As the rain came down on us, we ran in silence. My legs slowly eased up and I was pleased.

Slowly, but surely.

The last 2km
As the rain continued, we started speeding up, knowing that the finish line was near.

So many thoughts and images came into mind. My mind was abuzz.

Only crazy people love marathons. I’m not one of them.
The amount of commitment and dedication required for just one marathon is insane!
I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’m completing my first marathon!
I need to train more, I hate cramps!
Why, WHY didn’t I get a sub-5? Stupid cramps!
The finish line is near. YAY!
Kenny, I know how he felt when he completed his first full marathon ...

I finally understood what Kenny said about the sudden grip of emotions.

I couldn’t believe that my fat legs managed to carry myself through 40km on the road. I couldn’t believe I had come that far.

It was very hard. Who ever said a marathon was easy without adequate training needs to be slapped.

Not only was I running for myself but I wanted to run for a cause. But I have no cause to run for, except for my family. My parents, perhaps? My sisters, too.

I want them to continue persevering and fighting, to overcome obstacles that come their way. It’s the determination of not giving up that really matters, and I understood that then.

Just keep on running. Life’s all about the journey and how you perceive it to be – never give up.

A sob or two escaped me. YB turned back to check on me but I had already composed myself.

With 700m to go, we sped up. We could see runners ahead of us speeding up as well. We could hear a faint cheer somewhere ahead. That meant the school was near.

We sprinted towards the finish line and familiar faces (Yin Yin and Gilbert). We made sure we smiled for the cameras although we definitely felt like crumpling to the ground.

42.2km done!
In 5:18!

Gawd, that was freaking painful!

Next up, everyone was eager to get out of there and devour a meal fit for a king!

Respect the distance. Train if you want to do a marathon and don't do it if you cannot commit the time to train.

Being supportive is very important.

What I'm saying is, always congratulate someone who just completed their running event, regardless of the time and distance. It is an achievement to them, be it big or small. Do not belittle them.

I was lucky to have YB run alongside me all the way. Thanks a bunch. =)

I don't want to run another marathon, but I have to. One more and that's it, I'm retiring. But apparently that's what people always say.

And it's true. Two years ago when YB and I started running, we made a pinky promise that we would never be crazy enough to run a marathon.

Look where we are now? Pinky promise broken!

Loved the pink bib!

The 'What if's
As human nature would have it, we would always wonder about the 'what if's.
What if I had no cramps? Would I have done a sub-5?
What if I had done more LSDs, would I have avoided the cramps?
What if I hadn't stopped to walk or take pictures, would I have saved a few minutes?
What if I had eaten a proper breakfast?
What if I had worn shorts instead of tights?
What if I had this and that?
What if ...

YK says that's the way it goes, we'll always be wondering bout the 'what if's after every race.

Other reports:
CP Tan

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Butter Kaya Muffins

Two weeks ago, I came across a small tub of kaya in the fridge which was nearing its best before date that I knew I had to do something.

Surely not, you say?

Trust me. Take a bite into it an hour after they are done and you wouldn't know what hit you. They taste a bit like kaya balls.

Andrew (a "DRGP" member) said it was pretty good. So I gave him two. =P

Anyway, while the cupcakes were baking, I was preparing some carrot hummus for dinner.

But we only managed to sit down for dinner at 11pm, after our run with YK and Andrew.

Hmmmm. The carrots were overwhelmed by the chickpeas so I think I'll have to add another carrot the next time I make this again.

You know what my problem was?

I still had some kaya left.

I contemplated eating it with bread but I decided heck, I was going to bake a cake this time.

With a hint of lemon, that is.
A tablespoon of lemon zest and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice was all I added so it wasn't overpowering, but you could still taste traces of lemon in it. ;)

And I loved it!
I think I'm in love with lemons. But it sounds quite sad if I was the only person in love with my own baking. *bows head down in shame*

I wanted to share it with the world DRGP but no one seemed available to try it out that Friday. Boo.

But my boss said it was nice. =)

p.s. I lied! They're cupcakes, not muffins.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Race To The Guinness

Get it? Heehee!

A few of us decided to go for a quick short run around Bukit Tunku yesterday evening (Sunday). The plan was to complete a 6km run before we proceeded to glug a pint of Guinness. Woohoo, happy hours indeed! ;)

With OKT setting the pace, we were huffing and puffing up Jalan Bukit Tunku and wondering why on earth were we subjecting ourselves to this torture. The boys glared at me (bet they thought I wouldn’t notice!) as we completed the first km uphill but I quickly denied any liability of setting the route.

“It was Captain’s suggestion!” I wheezed.

Thankfully, we reached the mini roundabout in front of the Belvedere residences and I knew it was another km or so to the traffic lights at Jabatan Kerja Raya (“JKR”). Everyone began speeding up.

At the traffic lights, we u-turned and traced our steps back towards Jalan Langgak Tunku. It was just starting to drizzle so everyone began to hurry to get back to Selangor Properties before it poured. I couldn’t see OKT or YB ahead of me, but occasionally I would catch a glimpse of YL’s back.

OKT’s average pace was 5:30, and mine was 5:50. It sounds pretty far off from his! I did my best to sprint during the final km, but it was only a poor 5:00 at best. Boo. (My legs were still tired from Saturday morning’s LSD. Can I use that excuse? ;D)

The crowd at Sid’s Pub cleared out considerably after the rugby finals so we managed to grab some seats.

Oh, that’s YL’s baby boy in, Andrew’s arms. ;D
Captain and Geoff came and join us later for a drink.

Cheers to running!
And fatherhood! =P

All in all, it was a good workout. This quick session is a first of Dutamas Runners’ Run & Glug series, which I think can only happen every now and then or it would burn a hole in our wallets.

Perhaps next time it would be wise to proceed to a coffee shop which serves bottled Carlsberg, Heineken or Tiger. Heehee.

p.s. Our route can be found here.

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Laligurash

Two weeks ago a colleague suggested we try out a Nepalese restaurant for lunch. Three of us went along with her, not knowing where exactly was this place.

We walked along Jalan Tun H.S. Lee and there I was having a conversation with one of them when we abruptly came to a stop.

To a hole in the wall, I'd say.

"This is the place?" JA asked, as we both peered in cautiously.

"Yep", YP answered.

We sat down at a table and asked for a menu but we were told that there was no menu. A guy directed us to the menu on the wall outside.

"Okayyyyy," Everyone thought to themselves.

This is the menu on your left at the door. I wanted to try the dumplings but somehow everyone else was keen to order their individual meal.

The menu on the right side of the door. At the far top right is a picture of fried noodles which JA and YP proceeded to order.

Well, I ordered the fried rice because I didn't know what else to order. ;)

The four of us quietly sat at our table, observing our surroundings. The Nepalese who frequented the place were clearly regulars, who either held jobs as security guards or labourers some place nearby.

One of the customers (perhaps on lunch break) actually came to assist the guy in explaining to us what was on the menu.

First to come was the appetiser, which JA initially ordered but canceled it.

We tried it, anyway and was pleasantly surprised. Crunchy soybeans tossed with noodle crumbs, cili padi, shredded carrots and cucumber, and sawi (otherwise known as Mustard Greens in English??). It was a bit spicy but it was pretty good.

Where was the fried noodles, we all asked!

We didn't dare to clarify with them since language was already a problem. So JA and YP both tasted their soup and decided that it was most probably instant noodles.

RT had the plate of chicken rice which looked surprisingly good. He said it was alright, and not spicy at all.

My order of very greasy fried rice. I only managed to eat half without gagging. I mean, seriously, it was just too oily. If not for the oiliness of it, the dish would have been OK.

It was an interesting outing, that's for sure. Judging by the bill, we clearly stumbled upon a Nepalese establishment catering for their people. =)

After that,we headed to another Nepalese restaurant for tea.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Naan Pizzas

By the time dinner was ready, we ended up having supper on Monday night just because I could finally make pizza with naan bread. ;D

A can of tuna chunks in olive oil
A can of corn kernel
Some chicken fillet, diced
Barbecue sauce
2 small tomatoes, sliced
Sliced button mushrooms
Naan bread

We only made 3 pizzas and with plenty of leftovers, the remaining tuna, mushroom and mozzarella were used in last night's baked stir fried pasta.

Ah yes, you will note that I did not use a sauce for the base before putting the ingredients onto the bread.

Just pop them into the oven at 200 C for 10-15 minutes, depending on how crusty you want your bread to be.

The barbecue sauce saved the day! That goes onto the pizza (chicken) when it's out.

Anyway, I was just too lazy and hungry to prepare everything carefully. Don't be like me, ok? Do it properly!

Because we also had some soup, we were pretty stuffed when the last pizza was out. I took it to work the next day and it was still yummy ... to me, that is.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Attempt At Cupcakes

I was about to post up my Butter Kaya Muffins but then I realised that my first attempt at cupcakes, a batch each of Plain Butter and Coffee didn't get some limelight it kind of deserves. =P

The problem with me these days is that I hoard recipes.

Yep, who ever heard of people hoarding recipes? Or maybe there is such a thing?

Two weeks ago, I was torn between making the lemon butter cake and the plain butter cake so I decided I'd go with plain butter AND lemon frosting. At least I've tried both recipes, sorta. No? ;)

I honestly never thought I would venture far into the world of icing, but please bear with me, I'm still a newbie and it was my first attempt.

And honestly? I loved the lemon frosting! Sure it was a tad bit too sweet, but it was really delicious! Who wouldn't love the refreshing scent and taste of lemon? (Is 'scent' the right word? Ha! My English fails me at this point. No way anyone would hire me as a food review writer, that's for sure!)

Oh, yes, the plain butter was superb.

As for the coffee, I added 3 teaspoons of instant coffee granules this time, compared to the 2 teaspoons I used for the coffee muffin. With half a cup of chopped walnuts, it tasted much better than the muffin.

And then I added some frosting on it. I mean, why not? The lemon frosting is just so amazinggggg, it's a pity YB found it too sweet for his liking.

And because I was afraid everyone would complain about how sweet it was, you can see how I put very little of it on some of the cupcakes I brought to work.

The feedback from my colleagues as follows:
One loved the butter with plenty frosting, she asked me for the recipe.
One loved the coffee with little frosting, and the crunch from the walnuts.
Two liked the coffee with the small dollop of frosting.
One said the butter was hard on the outside but OK in the inside.
One said it was hard. (What??)
The rest just ate them without any feedback. =(

I brought the leftovers home, 4 unfrosted butter ones. I was frustrated to know that it was deemed hard and not moist. Seriously!

So I bit into one, and found out that yes, at the first bite, it seems a bit tough but it was still nice and soft on the inside. I added a dollop of frosting to the rest of my cupcake and found it too die for. (Ok fine, I liked it anyway! I wished it was light and fluffy but I don't have a mixer. =P)

I slathered the remaining 3 cupcakes with the lemon frosting and proceeded to let my DRGP's test it. It stands for Dutamas Runners' Guinea Pigs, heehee, I just made it up!

The verdict?
One had no comment, but he never says anything, anyway. He enjoyed it, I bet.
One enjoyed it so much that he didn't really say it, but I could tell he was enjoying it.
One was completely bowled over that he proceeded to order 2 cakes from me.

Which is, quite scary, I must say.
Either his standards are a bit wonky (I will not be rude and say perhaps it's "low") or he has too much faith in me. ;)


p.s. I still haven't got around to buying myself a hand mixer!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Weekend in October

The first 2 days of October were spent in Universiti Pertanian Malaysia ("UPM") and I'm not joking. Serious. We drove to and fro on Saturday morning, and the same thing on Sunday morning.

On Saturday, YB and I were there to participate in the Malakoff Uuniversity Duathlon Series ("MUDS") together with a friend of mine who wanted to do the cycling bit. At the last minute, we named our team 'Kopi Power' because we weren't creative enough. ;D

I ran the first 3km leg and well, I'm not sure why I didn't run fast enough but I guess I felt like I was already running fast. I keep forgetting that my target pace for a 10km must not be used for a shorter distance run, but time and again, I always do. Argh.

YB did his best to speed up on his leg, but it was tough for him as well. The UPNM teams are just crazy fast. As usual, they grabbed the top 3 positions for the UPNM and UPM events, practically for almost all categories.

My friend pretty much went flat at the final slope, the one that kills most people during the Mizuno Wave Run. Remember that slope? I'm not sure whether it's tougher when you're cycling or on your feet.

Anyway, the duathlon was something new for both YB and I. This year, it has been our objective to try and do different things or events, instead of the same old signing up and run the route kind of thing.

The ice cream man is the most popular man on campus.

I told him, however, to stop me in future from participating in short distances (5km and below) as it's a pain to maintain a fast pace. I'm panting like a dog each time I run and I tend to receive strange looks from the runners I pass by. I know it's not ladylike but I can't help it!

Not sure if we'll be doing the UM one, though.

While most of the runners flocked the New Pantai Expressway ("NPE") for the Adidas King of the Road ("AKOTR") event on Sunday, YB and I headed back to UPM for the annual Dogathon event.

We attended last year's Dogathon and enjoyed being surrounded by the dogs that we vowed to return to this year's event. I made sure our diaries were free. ;D

We arrived just in time for the start of the run, where owners and dogs race on a 3km route.

Besides the 3km race, there were other activities such as the Fastest Eating Duo, Fetch, etc.

This year, we saw a weary looking St Bernard, who was probably suffering from heat stroke. If you think he's big, his owner doesn't think so because his parents were much bigger.

And the poor fella is shy - no petting allowed. Until later, when he was much more weary! =)

We saw plenty of Golden Retrievers this year, and I must say their golden colours and smiling faces seemed to dominate the scene. They're so gorgeous and smiley!

Meet 2 year old River, who won a dog dancing competition before. He's a restless little boy! (pic below)

He was pretty exhausted.

I adored Jaja, a 4 year old African Mastiff who is as sturdy as rock and was very calm and collected. I initially mistook her as a 'he'.

I want a bull mastiff!

I also adored the Rottweilers and well, it's hard to take picture of them because they're pretty restless!

Larkie is turning 1 in a few days. =)

4 month old baby Carlo(s) was checked out by a 5 month old German Shepherd. Poor darling!

"Doggies in Wonderland" was the theme for this year's Dogathon, with Alice in Wonderland in mind. I didn't see many dogs dressed up in their costumes but there were some little ones decked up for the Mad Hatter's tea party. Awwwww~

You know I could probably go on and on but I'll leave it as that. I need to redo the photos for the Facebook album. Sigh.