Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Attempt At Cupcakes

I was about to post up my Butter Kaya Muffins but then I realised that my first attempt at cupcakes, a batch each of Plain Butter and Coffee didn't get some limelight it kind of deserves. =P

The problem with me these days is that I hoard recipes.

Yep, who ever heard of people hoarding recipes? Or maybe there is such a thing?

Two weeks ago, I was torn between making the lemon butter cake and the plain butter cake so I decided I'd go with plain butter AND lemon frosting. At least I've tried both recipes, sorta. No? ;)

I honestly never thought I would venture far into the world of icing, but please bear with me, I'm still a newbie and it was my first attempt.

And honestly? I loved the lemon frosting! Sure it was a tad bit too sweet, but it was really delicious! Who wouldn't love the refreshing scent and taste of lemon? (Is 'scent' the right word? Ha! My English fails me at this point. No way anyone would hire me as a food review writer, that's for sure!)

Oh, yes, the plain butter was superb.

As for the coffee, I added 3 teaspoons of instant coffee granules this time, compared to the 2 teaspoons I used for the coffee muffin. With half a cup of chopped walnuts, it tasted much better than the muffin.

And then I added some frosting on it. I mean, why not? The lemon frosting is just so amazinggggg, it's a pity YB found it too sweet for his liking.

And because I was afraid everyone would complain about how sweet it was, you can see how I put very little of it on some of the cupcakes I brought to work.

The feedback from my colleagues as follows:
One loved the butter with plenty frosting, she asked me for the recipe.
One loved the coffee with little frosting, and the crunch from the walnuts.
Two liked the coffee with the small dollop of frosting.
One said the butter was hard on the outside but OK in the inside.
One said it was hard. (What??)
The rest just ate them without any feedback. =(

I brought the leftovers home, 4 unfrosted butter ones. I was frustrated to know that it was deemed hard and not moist. Seriously!

So I bit into one, and found out that yes, at the first bite, it seems a bit tough but it was still nice and soft on the inside. I added a dollop of frosting to the rest of my cupcake and found it too die for. (Ok fine, I liked it anyway! I wished it was light and fluffy but I don't have a mixer. =P)

I slathered the remaining 3 cupcakes with the lemon frosting and proceeded to let my DRGP's test it. It stands for Dutamas Runners' Guinea Pigs, heehee, I just made it up!

The verdict?
One had no comment, but he never says anything, anyway. He enjoyed it, I bet.
One enjoyed it so much that he didn't really say it, but I could tell he was enjoying it.
One was completely bowled over that he proceeded to order 2 cakes from me.

Which is, quite scary, I must say.
Either his standards are a bit wonky (I will not be rude and say perhaps it's "low") or he has too much faith in me. ;)


p.s. I still haven't got around to buying myself a hand mixer!

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