Monday, October 17, 2011

New Laligurash

Two weeks ago a colleague suggested we try out a Nepalese restaurant for lunch. Three of us went along with her, not knowing where exactly was this place.

We walked along Jalan Tun H.S. Lee and there I was having a conversation with one of them when we abruptly came to a stop.

To a hole in the wall, I'd say.

"This is the place?" JA asked, as we both peered in cautiously.

"Yep", YP answered.

We sat down at a table and asked for a menu but we were told that there was no menu. A guy directed us to the menu on the wall outside.

"Okayyyyy," Everyone thought to themselves.

This is the menu on your left at the door. I wanted to try the dumplings but somehow everyone else was keen to order their individual meal.

The menu on the right side of the door. At the far top right is a picture of fried noodles which JA and YP proceeded to order.

Well, I ordered the fried rice because I didn't know what else to order. ;)

The four of us quietly sat at our table, observing our surroundings. The Nepalese who frequented the place were clearly regulars, who either held jobs as security guards or labourers some place nearby.

One of the customers (perhaps on lunch break) actually came to assist the guy in explaining to us what was on the menu.

First to come was the appetiser, which JA initially ordered but canceled it.

We tried it, anyway and was pleasantly surprised. Crunchy soybeans tossed with noodle crumbs, cili padi, shredded carrots and cucumber, and sawi (otherwise known as Mustard Greens in English??). It was a bit spicy but it was pretty good.

Where was the fried noodles, we all asked!

We didn't dare to clarify with them since language was already a problem. So JA and YP both tasted their soup and decided that it was most probably instant noodles.

RT had the plate of chicken rice which looked surprisingly good. He said it was alright, and not spicy at all.

My order of very greasy fried rice. I only managed to eat half without gagging. I mean, seriously, it was just too oily. If not for the oiliness of it, the dish would have been OK.

It was an interesting outing, that's for sure. Judging by the bill, we clearly stumbled upon a Nepalese establishment catering for their people. =)

After that,we headed to another Nepalese restaurant for tea.

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