Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ga Xao Sa

Which simply means Lemongrass Chicken in Vietnamese. ;)

I was missing the taste of lemongrass so I browsed the Internet for something simple to cook. Laksa sounded too tedious for a weekday's dinner so obviously I went for something as easy as a stir fry.

Came across a recipe for Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken and decided that this was the least complicated one to follow.

(Yes, you caught me. I normally search high and low for a particular recipe and I'd chose the one with the least ingredients and most straightforward of instructions. ;))

We enjoyed this dish with noodles.

Now I need to find some more decent looking lemongrass. The ones sold at the supermarkets are very old and sad!

p.s. Hope you had a great Sunday!

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