Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Miss Crochet

I miss the colours!

[the photo above belongs to Genuine Mudpie]

Isn't that cute? *gush*

I came across her blog and the minute I saw that itty bitty slice of cake, my mind immediately said,"I WANNA MAKE ONE, TOO!!"

Before that, I came across a pair of colourful stripey gloves which I really, REALLY want to make, too!

I've been wanting a pair of gloves for a loooooong time as I really cannot tolerate the air-conditioning in the office - it's just ridiculously chilly!

Instead, as we all know, I have been spending too much time baking. I normally bake only once a week but sometimes I can go crazy and bake as much as three times in a day.

Hmmm, that has happened about twice so far.

I have 2 unfinished projects which I started between mid-August and early September and I'm honestly sure when will I come back to them again.

Soon, I hope.
Soon, I say, because baking is too fattening for the body, although I think I'm just getting the hang of making muffins. ;)

I started on this in September. If you must know, it is a camera lens beanie.

With popcorn stitches.

I started on this lens beanie in August but never got around to completing it. I use it, anyway!

If I had continued with it, I could probably make a striped snake for ...

a pillow?

And the reason why I'm making a new beanie (with popcorn stitches) is because the one I've used to envelope my lens is a wee bit tight. I got my calculations wrong as I didn't realise my lens was so fat!

Thought I'd show you something else with colourful stripes. ;)

Geoff kindly brought this from Kuching for us and the colours pretty much terrified YB. He said it felt really weird eating something with so much colouring.

More for me, then!

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