Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sneak Peak Of The Publika

You must have heard of the new playground, I mean, place in town, haven't you? I'm talking about the Publika.

It boasts of a food court equivalent to the one in Lot 10's basement, though I'm afraid it's just not as packed and tightly squeezed as the latter.

The entrance leading to the food court.

Our first visit was early sometime in October.

YK ordered chicken in claypot, and YB and I went for the stall selling yam rice. Meals are mostly priced between RM7.50 to RM10.90, depending on your order.

The porky goodness was lovely, and the yam rice was not too bad. (Instinctively I felt like I had to cook this some time soon ... =P)

YB and I went there another time as he was craving for pan mee.

Initially we thought we'd boycott the cranky fat bugger who runs Kin Kin Pan Mee (since he's a nasty boss, always hitting his foreign workers!) but argh, the tummy rules.

We compromised, of course. We ordered only a bowl to share. RM7.50 per bowl.

And I saw someone eating hokkien mee and insisted I'd have that, only to be disappointed.

Queuing up for pan mee.

Have you tried? We haven't.

The ever so popular bubble tea place is located right at the entrance to the food court.

YB was kind enough to order one (to share!) and let me have a slurp or two. I think it's only the 2nd time in my whole entire life ever tasting bubble tea! =P

The ground floor (or G2) interior is vast and wide, and still a bit empty. Not many stores are open.

Walk around outside in the evening and you'll feel as if you've been transported to some place foreign. The cool breeze after the rain will enhance that feeling. ;)

Tiles on the floor.

Graffiti construction boards at the entrance of stores undergoing some works.

I was just at the Publika on Monday for tea with some girlfriends. This time, we were at wondermilk+, it's beside MPH on G2.

I was disappointed with the cupcakes, lacking in oomph. For RM4.50 each, I was expecting them to be as delicious as the ones I had at their shop at Damansara Utama. Hmmm. Or has my taste buds changed? Anyway, the hot chocolate wasn't hot enough and was merely lukewarm. Boo.

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