Friday, November 11, 2011

A Hand At Muay Thai

I've always wanted to do some form of martial arts (or combat sports) but never had the chance to fully do so.

I did hapkido when I was 12 and fractured my right knee. I was attempting a flying kick with the left leg, so I landed wrongly on my right. It turned out to be a minor fracture. But if you observe my right knee very carefully, you'll see that the bone juts out when I bend my knee. ;)

So when there was an offer on Milkadeal for 4 beginner's lessons at Merican Muay Thai at Solaris Mont Kiara, I was interested. RM40 for 4 classes is a good bargain, don't you think? PROVIDED that the vendor is of reputable status.

I bought YB and I a voucher each but with the past busy weekends of traveling and running around, we finally managed to attend only ONE class last Thursday.

We arrived for our 930pm class and the first thing we were asked was to skip for 2 sets of 3minutes.

And boy, it wasn't easy.

That was just the warm up!

We had our hands wrapped and were taught a few moves such as, left/right punch/jab, left/right hook, left/right elbow, uppercut, front kick push, kick. All we had to do was listen to the instructions and you moved accordingly.

Then we got to put on the gloves, wheeeee that was fun!

We practised our moves on the punching bags and oh how I wish I had one at home! I have told YB several times already (since years ago) that we MUST have one at home! It's such a good stress reliever, I tell you!

Next, we got into the ring and YB partnered our instructor, Jerry while Khairul was mine. Once again, we moved according to the instructions like, "1,2, right kick push!" "1,2, right uppercut!" etc.

That was one heck of a workout and I had FUN!
I was told that I have a mean punch. ;)
(Or he could be flirting, hehe.)

But it probably only applied to my right because my left side is SO so so weak! I couldn't even kick the bag properly! Jerry and YB were aghast.

Lastly, we had to do 2 sets of sit ups and push ups.
I can't do push ups for nuts.
Well, maybe just 5.

Overall it was a fab workout for me because I needed to vent my ... er ...frustrations and I felt good after the class.

The hand wraps were kinda stinky and I really hope they wash the damn things. Holding my fists up on guard was torture to my nose. Ugh.

And I can't imagine our sweat inside the gloves!
I really hope they do clean their gear properly for the next person to use. *shudder*

For now, I should just try to shadow box more often.

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