Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eating Around Segambut

Note: This list is not exhaustive.

It used to be a chore for both YB and I to decide where to go for breakfast during the weekends as we weren't familiar with Segambut. Either that or we just preferred to waste petrol by driving so far into Petaling Jaya or KL to eat!

Search for "food in Segambut" in the Google search engine and you will note that the seafood noodles at Yu Ai tops the list. How boring. Who wants to eat a bowl of seafood for Rm17?

Nevertheless, let's start with that area itself.

1. Restoran Hoi Kee

This caught my eye and I told the DR fellas about it as we kinda love pork (you can probably tell).

Captain, YB and I once made a trip there on a Sunday, only to find the coffee shop closed. We ended up some place in Jalan Ipoh ... and that was bad.

Another time on Saturday somewhere in August, Paul, YB and I did a LSD and we thought we deserved some good food right after. So we tried our luck and hurray, it was open.

RM7.30 for this plate of nasi lemak with pork. Pricey, I'd say.
Verdict: It was OK. If I had nowhere else in mind to go for lunch, I could go back there.

Curry mee for RM4. Price wise, no one could complain.
Verdict: Hmmmmm.

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2. Tai Shue Tao (Big Tree)
Not far from Restoran Hoi Kee is another popular eating place known as the Segambut Chicken Rice. At the intersection of Persiaran Segambut Tengah and Jalan Segambut Hilir is a stall beneath a big tree.

A very unassuming place, you would have driven by without giving it a second thought.

This is your landmark. It's right across from the stall.

You'll see its banner hanging outside the stall.

We were there on a late SATURDAY afternoon. (Sorry, I'm really confused these days. I have too many food pictures in my phone!)

We asked the uncle whether they still had chicken and he said he did. So we proceeded with the biggest order - a whole chicken leg.

Our chicken and rice came. The fried chicken was aromatic ... mmmm.

A close up for you peeps to drool!

The chilli to accompany it was hot and the rice was very nice (according to YB). I felt guilty as I slowly proceeded to finish my rice and chicken ... I think I could eat the chicken on its own.

Our meal cost us RM18.00, including 2 glasses of herbal tea. It should be RM7.50 for our food.

Verdict: Most likely will go there again!

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3. Tomato Kuey Teow stall
Situated at Jalan Sri Segambut, I honestly have no idea how to give you directions to this place. It was introduced to us by Kenny to YK and Geoff, the two ever loyal Kuching-ites who loved their tomato kuey teow.

We tried it, too, and found the tomato kuey teow to be pretty good. Even Raymond agrees.

Besides the tomato kuey teow, they serve a variety of fried noodles and rice. We tried this stewed pork meehoon which YK said was pretty good.

We tasted it and found it to be sinfully good.
Really good.

But please don't have this BEFORE your tomato kuey teow is served. We found the tomato kuey teow to be sadly lacking then as the stewed pork meehoon was just too tasty - it killed our taste buds for the kuey teow thereafter.

Priced at RM12 RM7, I think.

This is found to be yummy on a nice rainy night. If you think a hot bowl of soup is lovely on a rainy night, consider the tomato kuey teow instead.

The kuey teow is nicely fried before the gravy tops it off. You can see tomato pieces, fish cake and some pork in it, and the dish is garnished with pork lard.

Priced at RM5.50.

Just recently, we tried two different dishes and found them to be just so-so. The fried hor fun was really greasy.

Priced at RM5.50 each.

4. Wan Tan Mee Stall
If you know where Taman Sri Sinar's KFC outlet is, you will be able to find this stall somewhere behind it. Most probably it opens only at night. We once went there one morning after our run but found it closed.

OK, I've only been there once, to be honest. And the wan tan mee was not too bad, but not superbly fantastic. Somehow I don't have a picture of it, oops.

OKT says the curry chicken mee is pretty good, and the rest of the guys seem to think so, too. I must try it the next time I go there.

We also had a bowl of assam laksa to share, and it was not too bad. It was sour enough. ;)

This wasn't too fab, I was told, so don't bother ordering this.

You can also opt for crunchy fried wan tan for starters while waiting for your noodles to come.

Yeah, I think my last two posts weren't convincing enough for you to come and try the food over there. I'll try and take a picture of the stalls for your easy reference the next time I visit!


  1. There is a Tai Shue Tao (Big Tree) over at SS 5 too!

  2. Oli, they say every place has their own Tai Shue Tao! =)

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