Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dish Deli, Solaris Mont Kiara

In February, I purchased 2 vouchers from MyDeal for a lunch meal at Dish Deli for RM25 each. I thought it was good deal, considering that it was 50% off its usual price AND the reviews were pretty positive.

The special menu for My Deal voucher redemption.

If you're thinking of ordering ala carte from the menu.

The children's section was decorated with bright pink walls and a shelf of toys.

The long table was later filled with a group of patrons with children.

The mushroom bruschetta and soup of the day. They used grey oyster mushroom for the bruschetta.

I think this was the cottage pie. It was pretty good!

The spaghetti with pesto and chicken. Presentation wise, it didn't look appetising, especially with the green goo and huge chunks of chicken breast.

But looks can be deceiving as it wasn't too bad. I think it was a bit bland, though.

Our desserts.

I was pretty stuffed by then.

Thank goodness we did our 24km run earlier in the day!


Our Second Visit was sometime in May. This time, Milkadeal had vouchers for set lunch at only RM18. I bought 4 vouchers this time, but only redeemed 2.

We ordered the fried samosa and spring rolls ala carte. RM10 or RM12, I don't remember. It is a good appetiser while waiting for your main course.

Some stew I ordered. I was a bit disappointed, if you ask me. I felt that the bread didn't go with the stew. =[

But it did give me an idea to try and cook this one fine day!

The carbonara.

It was alright.

One peach crumble and one apple crumble. The apple crumble was a bit sour, and it reminded me of bramble apples in London. You know, they'd use those for the crumble. =D

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taking Time Out

It was May 4th, 2011.

YB and I were taking time out after our wedding reception in Kota Kinabalu. We wanted to eat at Dish Deli but I think they were closed.

So we popped over to Little Collins Bakery, Solaris Mont Kiara instead.

He liked the coffee.

She liked the sandwich.

May 4th.
It was a breather between our wedding reception in Kota Kinabalu and the one in Ipoh.

Antipodean Café, Bangsar

YB is always been on the lookout for good coffee, both local and ‘western’ brewed. Word was out that the coffee served at Antipodean Café was strong and reasonably priced.

One fine afternoon in March, we made our way to Bangsar. I was looking for a boutique but it was closed down! Whatever. We decided to have our late lunch instead.

I enjoyed the café set up (blackboards, black tables and chairs, a random hint of colour every now and then) and the prices seemed reasonable.

Busy on a late Sunday afternoon.

Part of the menu on the wall. If your back is to the wall, you'll find it difficult to ponder what to order because it just looks plentiful!

YB's choice of Open Bacon with rocket, lettuce and tomato on sour dough.

I opted for the Ploughman's Open Smoked Chicken Sandwich.

The generous serving of salad in our sandwiches was fab. The only problem is, we found them to be a bit dry, and I don’t enjoy chewing into a dry sandwich. I wanted more mustard or mayo or something!

I know they probably use quality ingredients but we felt that the price was a wee bit steep for its serving portion.

Anyway, perhaps we had very high expectations of the place so it is expected we'd end up being slightly disappointed.

The one on the right looks like a latte.

Nevertheless, I hope I'll go back there again to try something else! =)

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Punjabi Baingan Bharta

I have been wondering about a particular Indian eggplant dish I had in London some years ago but cannot for the life of me recall its name.

YB and I both love eggplant that we're more than happy to let it be part of our diet. I don't think there are disadvantages from consuming too much eggplants, are they? Check out the brief history.

I tried this recipe just because it sounds pretty simple. I had to do plan for about a week before I could cook this dish, because I had to buy the ingredients from two different grocery stores... you know, because i don't have all the spices!

Chop chop chop!

Once brinjals are roasted, peel off the skin .... oh my, that was pretty exciting for me!

I only used half a chilli.

My new toy! It's like a rattle! Rat tat tat!
I bought it some time ago and I FINALLY got to use it 2 weeks ago!

Ta daa!

OK, honestly, I was disappointed. It lacked something, there was no ooomph. Curry powder, perhaps. Or paprika.

I'll figure it out the next time.

p.s. according to my calculations, i'm 3 experiments behind! aacks!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Janwa Thai, Bandar Menjalara

After joining our neighbours and running fellows for breakfast somewhere in Bandar Menjalara (where Kepong Village Park is) every now and then, we decided that it was time for us to make an effort to discover more eating places around that area to expand our dinner options.

I checked the internet and summed up two popular recommendations – Madam Lim’s for Chinese food in Kepong Village Park and Janwa Thai Restaurant in one of the rows of shoplots.

We settled for Janwa Thai.

We arrived at the restaurant about 630pm and took a few minutes to study its intensive menu. Spoilt for choice, it was hard to decide for 2. Eventually we settled on the Assam Fish, Paku Pakis in belacan and the Mango Kerabu.

The Mango Kerabu was refreshing and with the sour, sweet and spicy dancing on your tongue, you wouldn’t want to stop eating it! Priced at RM12.

The fish didn’t turn out how we’d expect. It wasn’t as “assam” as we’d like it to be, with some vegetables as garnish. Hmmm. Nevertheless it was reasonably priced at RM28.

YB was pretty excited when he chose this dish as we thought paku pakis isn’t easily found in Peninsular Malaysia. After all, they usually promote it as a vegetable found only in Sabah. The vegetable turned out to be nice and crunchy.

The total bill came up to RM67 something, with a glass of warm water and a juice. Pretty reasonable, don't you think?

We’re hoping to drag our neighbours over to try this place the next time so we can order more dishes! Noms.

Janwa Thai Restaurant, No 99, Jalan 5/62A, Bandar Menjalara

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Choppy Seas Were Not For Me

No wonder they say it's no big a deal to dive in KK.

On Sunday, we went with Beach Bums the dive operator situated at the marina jetty of Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort. We managed to clock two dives.

The sea was choppy after a night of rain, and I had my doubts about the visibility. I wanted to turn back and have my feet safely on land when we were on the boat, but sigh, there was no turning back.

My first dive was a bad one, as my mask kept fogging. It was so annoying and throughout the dive, I was just worrying about every single thing - clearly I wasn't really comfortable. I didn't see much, save for a lobster hiding in its little cave, touched a small puffed up puffer fish. That was at Edgell Patches.

We took an hour's break on Sapi Island and lazed by the beach. It felt so much better to have the sand beneath your feet, I tell you.

Next stop was Clement's Reef, and this time, I enjoyed my dive so much better. I borrowed their mask, and would you believe it, it never fogged during my dive at all! Bugger.

We saw a small blue spotted stingray, a school of yellow fusiliers and all sorts of fishes which I can't seem to identify. =D

Overall, I think we both realized that we prefer our hikes and running anytime. Perhaps we're not meant to be water babies at all.

But I do think that comfort plays a main role here. The compressed air was horrible, it was too dry. I didn't like it the minute I breathed it. Ugh. I wanted to gag!

My finning was bad that I was secretly relieved my dive instructor wasn't there to witness my lack of skills!

Nevertheless, I'm sure we'll both snap out of it and will look forward to calm and clear blue seas again... I hope!

After a 2 hour nap at home, we finally dragged ourselves out of bed to prepare for dinner. We were celebrating our mum's birthday!

Poor birthday girl had to prepare her birthday dinner herself. Hehe.

We paired our steamboat dinner with a bottle of Monty's Semillion Chardonnay, which was very interesting. A sip of wine after each bite of different food would make your tastebuds dance a different tune. I found its taste after munching on prawns to be more merry than the rest. Oh, it was good with pork balls, too!

p.s. see, now i'm planning for our next dive in September. *cross fingers*

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Double Chocolate Cookies - Failed!

I've never baked before in my entire life. I don't have baking experience.

But I've always wanted to try. To learn.

Lynn gave me her oven which she painstakingly brought up from Singapore. (Seriously insane, but I will not complain... you need crazy friend to brighten up your life, innnit?)

Instead of buying all the ingredients for baking cookies, I decided to try with a ready mix batter first. Just add butter and egg. Sounded easy to me.

I burnt the cookies!

YB and I tasted 2 each and they are OK, except for the burnt bottoms. Siggggghhhhhh. The tray must have been too hot or the temperature. But I promise you, I just followed the instructions on the box: 200C for 15 minutes.

But it never did specify how big my balls of batter on the tray were supposed to be. Hah!

Oh. I added some dried cranberries. Maybe that caused them to burn?

Being A Road Marshal Volunteer.

This year’s New Balance 15km event was held at Putrajaya on Sunday.

I still remember last year’s one where to my dismay and disappointment, I completed the run in 2 hours. I was so ill-prepared for the slopes and hills of Bukit Tunku that I walked most of the way. I actually felt like a complete failure.

We decided we had to get our revenge in 2011, a revenge on the slopes and hills. I wanted to come back stronger!

However, we didn’t sign up for this year's event. At the eleventh hour, both YB and I volunteered to be road marshals as I heard that they needed some helpers.

It was breezy when we arrived at 520am. The winds were hinting a taste of rain. At that moment, YB and I sighed, “I wish I was running!”

While waiting for Ida to bring me to my station, I waited at the registration area, looking like a lost lamb. There were so many familiar faces but not all returned my wave or wave. (Why? I still don’t get it. If you know someone is a familiar face, why can’t you be friendly?) Dejected, I wanted to crawl under a table to hide. Mercifully I did bump into a few friendly people thereafter but it didn’t stop me from feeling all alone.

As I was wearing the Pacesetters’ bright yellow t-shirt, some participants came up to me to ask, “Excuse me, where is the toilet?”

My station was the first junction, just 300m away from the Start line. All I did was wave the red flag in my right hand towards the right!

I saw all sorts of runners. One girl was yakking on her mobile as she jogged. Two bandit runners ran to catch up with the crowd. One girl just walked. (At this point I wanted to glare – 300m across the line and you’re giving up already?? Hmmfh.) One guy thought he needed to run straight ahead but ahem, that’s where I came in, and pointed him to the right direction. *big grin* Woah, I felt useful for once!

My last station was pretty much uneventful. I had to guard one of the possible short cuts just to make sure no one ran through. About 20 minutes into the task, I moved on to the 13.5km (I think) to accompany another marshal and to snap some pictures.

I got to say hi to a few friends, cheered some people on, snap some shots and eventually I got a bit bored. You can tell from my fellow marshal that he was bored, too, He just leaned against a barrier and watched the runners passing by.

At this stage, someone asked me, “How far to go?” and as I honestly didn’t know, I blurted out, ”Just 2km to go!” and he spluttered, “WHAT?! They said it was 1km to go! Hmmfh!”

Ooops. Misrepresentation on my part, then.

We were starving by the time the last runner past us by. Back at the booths, YB and I were too shy to take the packets of nasi lemak and I timidly asked the lady manning the booth whether it was OK for us to take some. Someone glared at me when I took two – until she saw me hand one over to YB. Geez.

Overall, I'd say it was an interesting experience. YB made some new friends. Next time, can I be one of those girls who distribute medals instead? ;D

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Longest Slowest Distance Run Ever

(this post was written on Monday.)

The day had finally arrived.

When crazy Lynn signed up for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon, we discussed the training schedule. The experts say you need at least 4 to 6 months of preparation and come the last 2 months before your Race, you'd have to clock a 30km and 35km run respectively.

Not sure why, but I told her that YB and I will both accompany her for the long runs...

Last Saturday saw the 5 of us, Kenny, Melvin, Lynn, YB and I waiting to set off at 5am, with the Captain kindly providing us with mobile support along the way. TSC and YCY joined us just as we were heading down the slope of Jalan Dutamas Raya.

the serious pose and the wacky pose.

so kind of you to carry our stuff. =D

The first 10km was from Anggunpuri to Desa Park City and back to Menara Duta. It was an easy run with a bit of breeze. The Segambut scene wasn't pleasant, with the stefnch of garbage hitting our noses once in a while. The security guards at DPC were kind enough to open up the barriers to let us through, both in and out.

TSC and YCY stopped at Menara Duta.

somewhere in Taman Sri Sinar Bintang or something.

we support 7-Eleven!

The 5 of us headed off to Bukit Tunku through Jalan Khidmat Usaha (where MATRADE and the Government Complexes are) and as the skies got lighter, you'd see more runners on the road.

Our mobile support was waiting for us at the Jalan Duta Tennis Complex after we crossed the highway. We bumped into Chin Ann and Kelvin Ng a.k.a the loudspeaker who teased our captain for not providing him with water. ;)

At this point, I must say that I never knew that we would take that long to complete 15km!

The Langgak Tunku - Laman Tunku - Pinggiran Tunku - Dalaman Tunku - Langgak Tunku was a steep one which I had no choice but to incorporate into the route or we'd never hit our 30km. *big grin* I stand by this!

TSC, YCY and the Captain were having their tea and drinks at Nasi Kandar Bestari @ Solaris Dutamas as we staggered back to the car for some rehydration.

The sun was up by then, and once again we trudged along towards Solaris Mont Kiara and Desa Sri Hartamas.

Melvin and I were ahead and bumped into someone who asked for directions to the fire station in Desa Sri Hartamas. Uncle was also doing his training for his 10km for SCKLM. (I could tell that Melvin was eager to get moving but nooooo, busybody me had to make small talk!)

Going through Desa Sri Hartamas's avenue of trees and looking at the lovely houses (Kiara something and Matahari) was a lovely one. At this point, it was all a mess, as Kenny, YB and Lynn were nowhere to be seen whilst Melvin and I waited at Petronas gas station. Everyone was waiting for everyone, or got lost or took the shortcut - I realised at this point that a) everyone must run through the route at least once before letting them go at their own pace; b) our mobile support should have joined us to sweep the last person towards the right direction; and c) it was getting very hot.

From Petronas to Anggunpuri, it was the final 6.5km. It was hot, and everyone was getting lazy.

Melvin had gone off on his own while I waited for the 3 to gather at Petronas. Thereafter we all made our way, with YB doing an extra loop around Petronas before heading back home.

I lost Lynn halfway along Jalan Sri Hartamas 1 (brilliant! I should have waited.) although I kept slowing down and turning back to see if she was behind me. I kept doing it until I reached Hartamas Regency and boy, I felt like a fool to be running past 9 in the morning under the scorching sun!

Somehow, she arrived at our start/finish line before me - it's a classic moment all of us will never forget. Hehe.

Her disbelief in completing the long run. =D

(I felt my right leg was about to cramp at 28.7km and I freaked out, just a wee bit. I flexed it just a bit and shook it loose and forced myself to continue moving.)

Anyway, I had a very strange feeling once I hit 29.5km. I felt that I could have gone on some more, perhaps up to 35km?

I'm sure it was heatstroke.

TSC and YCY waited for us to arrive and get showered and changed for breakfast!

ooooh, my aching muscles.

the water babies.

Anyway, as always, a run isn't complete without a big breakfast / brunch. We needed to replenish!

I think we should have gone for nasi lemak instead.

Till then, all the best on training for your first marathon, guys!

p.s. I wonder if I'm actually ready for a full marathon...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Overheard Last Week.

Where: Lift going down.
Time: To go home.
Who: Colleagues.

As a guy stepped in from one of the floors,

Lady: Eh, where are you going?
Guy: Going back, of course!
Lady: That’s early. Don’t you normally leave at 7pm?
Guy: Noooo, not anymore.
Lady: Where are you staying?
Guy: Sungai Buloh.
Lady: Oooh, I should get a lift from you next time!
Guy: Sure, not a problem! Sheila used to car pool with me.
Lady: Oh no, I’m just kidding! I can’t.
Guy: What do you mean, you can’t?
Lady: My husband won’t allow it, if it’s just the two of us.
Guy: Seriously?
Lady: Yes. It’s not appropriate for others to be able to look into the car and see a married woman with another man.
Guy: What if it’s an emergency?
Lady: Well, I’d have to call him and ‘ask’ for his permission.
Guy: What about work related trips? What if you have to attend a meeting with a male colleague?
Lady: Oh, that’s different. I’d still have to let him know, though.