Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Longest Slowest Distance Run Ever

(this post was written on Monday.)

The day had finally arrived.

When crazy Lynn signed up for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon, we discussed the training schedule. The experts say you need at least 4 to 6 months of preparation and come the last 2 months before your Race, you'd have to clock a 30km and 35km run respectively.

Not sure why, but I told her that YB and I will both accompany her for the long runs...

Last Saturday saw the 5 of us, Kenny, Melvin, Lynn, YB and I waiting to set off at 5am, with the Captain kindly providing us with mobile support along the way. TSC and YCY joined us just as we were heading down the slope of Jalan Dutamas Raya.

the serious pose and the wacky pose.

so kind of you to carry our stuff. =D

The first 10km was from Anggunpuri to Desa Park City and back to Menara Duta. It was an easy run with a bit of breeze. The Segambut scene wasn't pleasant, with the stefnch of garbage hitting our noses once in a while. The security guards at DPC were kind enough to open up the barriers to let us through, both in and out.

TSC and YCY stopped at Menara Duta.

somewhere in Taman Sri Sinar Bintang or something.

we support 7-Eleven!

The 5 of us headed off to Bukit Tunku through Jalan Khidmat Usaha (where MATRADE and the Government Complexes are) and as the skies got lighter, you'd see more runners on the road.

Our mobile support was waiting for us at the Jalan Duta Tennis Complex after we crossed the highway. We bumped into Chin Ann and Kelvin Ng a.k.a the loudspeaker who teased our captain for not providing him with water. ;)

At this point, I must say that I never knew that we would take that long to complete 15km!

The Langgak Tunku - Laman Tunku - Pinggiran Tunku - Dalaman Tunku - Langgak Tunku was a steep one which I had no choice but to incorporate into the route or we'd never hit our 30km. *big grin* I stand by this!

TSC, YCY and the Captain were having their tea and drinks at Nasi Kandar Bestari @ Solaris Dutamas as we staggered back to the car for some rehydration.

The sun was up by then, and once again we trudged along towards Solaris Mont Kiara and Desa Sri Hartamas.

Melvin and I were ahead and bumped into someone who asked for directions to the fire station in Desa Sri Hartamas. Uncle was also doing his training for his 10km for SCKLM. (I could tell that Melvin was eager to get moving but nooooo, busybody me had to make small talk!)

Going through Desa Sri Hartamas's avenue of trees and looking at the lovely houses (Kiara something and Matahari) was a lovely one. At this point, it was all a mess, as Kenny, YB and Lynn were nowhere to be seen whilst Melvin and I waited at Petronas gas station. Everyone was waiting for everyone, or got lost or took the shortcut - I realised at this point that a) everyone must run through the route at least once before letting them go at their own pace; b) our mobile support should have joined us to sweep the last person towards the right direction; and c) it was getting very hot.

From Petronas to Anggunpuri, it was the final 6.5km. It was hot, and everyone was getting lazy.

Melvin had gone off on his own while I waited for the 3 to gather at Petronas. Thereafter we all made our way, with YB doing an extra loop around Petronas before heading back home.

I lost Lynn halfway along Jalan Sri Hartamas 1 (brilliant! I should have waited.) although I kept slowing down and turning back to see if she was behind me. I kept doing it until I reached Hartamas Regency and boy, I felt like a fool to be running past 9 in the morning under the scorching sun!

Somehow, she arrived at our start/finish line before me - it's a classic moment all of us will never forget. Hehe.

Her disbelief in completing the long run. =D

(I felt my right leg was about to cramp at 28.7km and I freaked out, just a wee bit. I flexed it just a bit and shook it loose and forced myself to continue moving.)

Anyway, I had a very strange feeling once I hit 29.5km. I felt that I could have gone on some more, perhaps up to 35km?

I'm sure it was heatstroke.

TSC and YCY waited for us to arrive and get showered and changed for breakfast!

ooooh, my aching muscles.

the water babies.

Anyway, as always, a run isn't complete without a big breakfast / brunch. We needed to replenish!

I think we should have gone for nasi lemak instead.

Till then, all the best on training for your first marathon, guys!

p.s. I wonder if I'm actually ready for a full marathon...


  1. It's called my 28.99km done face mkay! LOL. Shouldve video-ed the cabbie scolding them!!!!

    And the BKT was good ok! Everything I have been dreaming about. mmmmmmmm

  2. Hahahaha.... love the montage of "tired" shots of us, except Yvonne, you look extra chirpy even after 20k! Damn... must be having fun whipping us on route! :P

    Thanks so much for bearing with me... I really do hope to run further and faster in our future runs... :D

  3. PIM: i wonder how you'll look once you've completed the full marathon!! =D

    Kenny: aiya, thanks for joining us for a run! and nah, i wasn't the one who offered to bring a whip, remember? hehe

  4. missed the fun :( i should have checked my website earlier.. :D