Saturday, June 25, 2011

Antipodean Café, Bangsar

YB is always been on the lookout for good coffee, both local and ‘western’ brewed. Word was out that the coffee served at Antipodean Café was strong and reasonably priced.

One fine afternoon in March, we made our way to Bangsar. I was looking for a boutique but it was closed down! Whatever. We decided to have our late lunch instead.

I enjoyed the café set up (blackboards, black tables and chairs, a random hint of colour every now and then) and the prices seemed reasonable.

Busy on a late Sunday afternoon.

Part of the menu on the wall. If your back is to the wall, you'll find it difficult to ponder what to order because it just looks plentiful!

YB's choice of Open Bacon with rocket, lettuce and tomato on sour dough.

I opted for the Ploughman's Open Smoked Chicken Sandwich.

The generous serving of salad in our sandwiches was fab. The only problem is, we found them to be a bit dry, and I don’t enjoy chewing into a dry sandwich. I wanted more mustard or mayo or something!

I know they probably use quality ingredients but we felt that the price was a wee bit steep for its serving portion.

Anyway, perhaps we had very high expectations of the place so it is expected we'd end up being slightly disappointed.

The one on the right looks like a latte.

Nevertheless, I hope I'll go back there again to try something else! =)

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