Thursday, June 16, 2011

Janwa Thai, Bandar Menjalara

After joining our neighbours and running fellows for breakfast somewhere in Bandar Menjalara (where Kepong Village Park is) every now and then, we decided that it was time for us to make an effort to discover more eating places around that area to expand our dinner options.

I checked the internet and summed up two popular recommendations – Madam Lim’s for Chinese food in Kepong Village Park and Janwa Thai Restaurant in one of the rows of shoplots.

We settled for Janwa Thai.

We arrived at the restaurant about 630pm and took a few minutes to study its intensive menu. Spoilt for choice, it was hard to decide for 2. Eventually we settled on the Assam Fish, Paku Pakis in belacan and the Mango Kerabu.

The Mango Kerabu was refreshing and with the sour, sweet and spicy dancing on your tongue, you wouldn’t want to stop eating it! Priced at RM12.

The fish didn’t turn out how we’d expect. It wasn’t as “assam” as we’d like it to be, with some vegetables as garnish. Hmmm. Nevertheless it was reasonably priced at RM28.

YB was pretty excited when he chose this dish as we thought paku pakis isn’t easily found in Peninsular Malaysia. After all, they usually promote it as a vegetable found only in Sabah. The vegetable turned out to be nice and crunchy.

The total bill came up to RM67 something, with a glass of warm water and a juice. Pretty reasonable, don't you think?

We’re hoping to drag our neighbours over to try this place the next time so we can order more dishes! Noms.

Janwa Thai Restaurant, No 99, Jalan 5/62A, Bandar Menjalara

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  1. Hey, I just tried this 2 weeks back. It's nice & reasonably priced. Let's go there after one of our runs, if it's open in the afternoon :-)

  2. We went there after SCKLM for dinner, but I think we ordered the wrong dishes because it wasn't that great? We didn't order the tom yam, though! We tried the fish cakes and pandan chicken ... erm, fish cake wasn't fab, I must say.

    Have you tried the tom yam?