Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cobbler To The Rescue!

I need a new pair of badminton shoes but I can't seem to find nice ones for women.

My old pair of Dunlops are getting very worn out and I hope I'll find one soooooooon.

My rubber soles flopped open a few months ago so I went to the cobbler to fix them. Such a simple surgery - cheap!

But I want a new pair!!!

I *think* a new one will improve my movement a wee bit. Perhaps move around the court easier and a wee bit faster? Hehe.

About a month ago, I bought a *new* pair of trail shoes from New Balance at 50% off. Hurray, I was so excited!

Until I wore them the second time.

One of the soles opened up, aaaarrggghhhh I was so frustrated!

Learn from my lessons, folk. Discounts off old models may need some form of maintenance prior to usage. *shrug*

Again to the cobbler to save my shoes. This pair is really nice and comfortable as they are wide enough for my flat feet, so no way was I going to just chuck them away after wearing them for only 5 times!

I haven't tested them out since the 'surgery' but let's hope they stay in good shape.

And hey, the cobbler charges me RM13 each time he has to sew a pair up.

Better than buying a new pair of shoes for RM300, I suppose. ;)

P.s. Yes, I know. The shoes are ugly after surgery.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Dream Trail Indeed, FRIM

We took ourselves to FRIM last Sunday morning to venture on a new trail. Did you know that they have a lot of trails which we've yet to run?

When you stare hard at the picture above, you wouldn't believe we have such a breathtaking place right here in Kuala Lumpur.

When you enter the main entrance of FRIM, take the right lane up towards Rumah Bujang. It's a bit of slope to run up to, but you'll have the lane all to yourself!

It was a very cool morning that day, as it rained the night before. Ah, you would have loved that morning in FRIM.

Arriving at Rumah Bujang, you'll have a choice of turning left onto the Dream Trail or head straight on to the Bukit Bujang Trail.

We decided to head on straight.

See a little cottage on the right of the picture?

It was someone's quarters!

We kept really quiet outside the house and took pictures of ... well, I took pictures of their sunflower.


We went left.

Next time, we'll go right. ;)

The Bukit Bujang Trail will eventually lead you to the Dream Trail so just keep left when you come to a junction.

The trail is a wide one, flat with a gentle incline every now and then. Not much, that's for sure.

It was a lovely trail with just YB and I crackling on fallen leaves, except for two guys on their mountain bikes.

They actually apologised for interrupting our run!

It was quiet.

You'd feel one with nature in that silence.

The Dream Trail eventually joins Rover Trail and we were sad to have our run end so quickly. 

It was so serene to have the trail all to ourselves and to join back to civilisation was just ... different.

We were inclined to turn around and run along the Dream Trail again instead of joining the crowd!

Not sure where I stepped but check out the love grass intertwined with my shoelaces! And only on my right shoe.

I didn't realise I had leech bites until the end of my run. Two on my right and one on my left!

I can't wait to go back there again!

I did a bit of research on the Internet and found that the Dream Trail was 'built' by a group of mountain bikers - FakawiTribe : Building the FRIM Dream Trail.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sticky Bones & Pork Bone Tea

Morganfield's, Pavilion KL
Met up with Dot and Steph for dinner last Tuesday for some pork ribs.

We ordered their signature Sticky Bones, with barbeque sauce. (half portion)

Chilli con carne nachos.

Caesar salad.

Does it look much?

Gotta get some pictures before we dig in!

A bit of a disappointment. Caesar salad was pretty empty without the bits. It was mostly lettuce covered with dressing. The ribs weren't aromatic enough with the barbeque sauce as if it wasn't marinated long enough. Boo. The only interesting thing I kinda enjoyed was the chilli con carne nachos which were a bit spicy.

Note: There were many blog reviews raving about their pork ribs so we were expecting it to be really scrumptious, not lacking in oomph. *Sigh*

Sheng Huat Bak Kut Teh, Jinjang (Kepong)
We had planned for a BKT supper after our badminton session last week so everyone played extra well that night. ;D

We weren't sure whether we found the right place but since it was packed with people, we decided to just sit down and order. We were getting a bit hungry already!

Still busy, even at 11pm.

We ordered a portion of mixed meat for 4, and pork trotters for 2, but they eventually changed our order to 2 and 2. Didn't look enough.

So we eventually ordered another portion of mixed meat for 2.

They had already ran out of yoo tiao / yau char kuey / Chinese cruellers, which was a huge disappointment to me. =(

Guess which plate belongs to whom!

RM70 for everything, pot of tea and 5 plates of rice inclusive. Pricey? I'm not sure. Still not the best that I have eaten. The soup wasn't aromatic enough!

Pasta Zanmai, Tropicana Mall, Petaling Jaya.
I know this does not deserve a page on its own but I need to rid pictures of their food somewhere!

They aren't even worthy as a Mobile Upload on Facebook. =P

 Chicken with egg something something.

 I ordered the unagi with mushrooms.

Note to self - no stepping in ever. So sad. 
What a waste of money!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finding That Motivation

My running fitness has slid down into a ravine, barely just hanging on to a very thin thread before it completely falls into the abyss.

A year ago, I would have been psyched up and itching to run almost every single day.

But it's been half a year since Taipei Marathon and I don't feel anywhere as fit as I was ... well, a year ago.

I hate this feeling. I feel like a beginner runner all over again and the only way to get through it is keep on running.

I lack the strength and stamina I used to have and I blame it on gaining a few kilos this year. *frustrated*
I've been trying to tell myself that it's OK, I'm still running to keep myself fit and healthy. But I don't like having to struggle during a run I once found it to be half the effort I put in now. I huff and puff and gasp for breath, and I just want to stop to catch my breath before I continue running.

So last week, I vowed to get my mojo back. By hook or by crook, I was going to improve my strength and stamina once again.

I did it last year, didn't I? Through hard work and pain, I achieved at least one of my goals, completing 10km below an hour.

But, Discipline is not my friend. 
Nor is Will Power.

It takes a good deal of coaxing and determination to win their friendship and I have to start somewhere.

Even if I have to wake up wee hours of the morning to run.

For example, I had a dinner appointment on Tuesday night so I made sure I woke up early that morning to hit the condo gym.

Yes, the gym is a boring thing and I don't like treadmills. But I forced myself to finish a 30-minute workout so that I don't beat myself up with a stick when I'm enjoying my dinner with my girl friends.

It was a tough one, I tell you. I arrived at the office 2.5 hours later only to find myself incredibly sleepy by 930am.

The occasional lunch at work is a tuna sandwich.

Watching what I eat is also a very difficult thing to do.

They say that when it comes to losing weight, it's 40% exercise and 60% diet. So I have to keep telling myself to be mindful of what I eat.

Unfortunately, I can't stop eating chocolates, and that's the biggest challenge I honestly cannot overcome. 

Or don't want to. (That's what YB says, and I know it's true. I can't deny it!)

I just try not to overindulge, and that's the best I can do.

What's motivating me, I asked myself. How do I motivate myself?

(Hey, I lost weight for my wedding, so surely it's doable!!)

To be FIT.
To get my mojo back, and be a FITTER RUNNER.

Doesn't sound too difficult, but execution of the plan is a hell lot more painful than it is.


The BHP Orange Run is happening again this year in July and that's going to be my test.

5 weeks to whip myself up into shape is going to be a battle... 

Oh and, FYI. Don't snack too much in front of the TV!

(source:  The Sun Daily)

I need some chocolate now!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Weekend Dates

Our dates began as early as last Thursday night because it rained. We were gutted (I, more) because I was looking forward to run in Desa Park City.

I was told that afternoon that I had to start training up, in case of an opportunity to represent the company (in months to come!) so I had to psych myself up for training.

And it was suppose to start that night!

Instead, we headed out to Publika for dinner, after a looooong deliberation where to go!

We finally agreed to try Yeoh's Bah Kut Teh, situated at the E.A.T Village at the lower ground.

I stared really hard at my fork and spoon and plate of rice.

Where was my rice bowl, chopsticks and Chinese spoon?
We ordered one portion of dry BKT, which had a sweetish tinge to it. I think it was the dark caramel sauce.

We also ordered one portion of the soup version, which didn't have much of a herbal taste. Boo.

We paid about RM36.00 and I don't think we're going back there again.

Anyway, forgive the crappy photos!

Friday night was spent braving through the jam to get to Putrajaya Challenge Park for a rock climbing session with YB's colleagues. (Gear rental came up to RM20 per person.)

Ah, it brought me back to the days of climbing at USJ Summit with my high school friends!

Like, 6-7 years ago... 

I only managed to climb 3 routes. My biceps and forearm muscles turned to jelly after the first one!

Man, my upper body strength is just weak!

We were dripping sweat by the time it was time to leave at 10pm.

It was a long drive back and we were starving!

We ended up having supper with Yloon past midnight. o.O

We made our way to FRIM for a trail run on Saturday afternoon, since we missed our morning schedule. ;D

A 9km run turned out to be pretty exhausting!
We took a new trail this time.

I dread the uphills!

But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

So 'sentang' is a type of tree ...

It was about 630pm and the sun was about to set in another 40 minutes.

We decided to turn back after a while, just in case we got stranded in the dark.

Someone must have left their bag after their shower? ;D

Purple markers!

What a lovely colour!

The problem with being tired during the weekend is that you end up needing a beer. Or ale, in my case.

We found ourselves at Sid's Pub, Bukit Damansara that night. It was odd to find it nice and quiet for a Saturday.

Sid's Pub is offering Guinness at happy hour prices throughout June! Go and get yours!!

Blue cheese mushroom for appetiser. RM14.90.

Not for the weak nosed! =D
You may get turned off by the smell.

My vegetarian burger with fries. RM16.90.

YB's pork burger and a fried egg, with fries. RM16.90 + RM2.

Our burgers were so-so at best. My vegetable patty was more of a mashed potato with vegetable bits, which turned out to be just a tad bit mushy.

The pork patty not too dry, but not that juicy either. Thank goodness for the fried egg.

I fell into bed by 1010pm.
That was a great Saturday!

To make up for the early night, we woke up and forced our tired legs to run an easy 7km around our area.

The sun was so hot at 8am and it was a really tough run to complete.

At least we did it, and I didn't feel too guilty. ;)

We caught Snow White & The Huntsman at lunch time. The reviews on Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 46% but YB insisted we gave it a try.

Charlize Theron was good as the evil queen, but there were times when she would suddenly screech (her instructions) and I'd wince. That was pretty unnecessary.

Kirsten Stewart is not my favourite actress and to see her portray Snow White was quite painful. Sure she did the stunts well, but she can't smile for goodness sake.

Oh, by the way, what's with the leather pants beneath the dress? o.O

Anyway, you should watch it. It's definitely not worth 46% but better.

What's with the indulgence, eh? Haha, I don't know!

We were hungry by the evening (we normally skip lunch on weekends) so we thought we'd try our luck and paid Chilli's a visit.

Prices have increased. The Southwestern Egg Rolls are now RM15.95.

(OMG, what an unflattering picture!)

The Mushroom Jack Chicken Fajitas are now above RM35, I can't recall now. (YB is pretty hopeless - I just asked him and he doesn't know. -___-_

Still a tasty dish, yums!

As the French Film Festival is on, we managed to catch one of the films showing only on that day. Romantics Anonymous was given an 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, so we thought we'd better check it out.

It's a story about two hopeless people thrown together due to their odd characters. She is a hopeless emotional person, whereas he is phobic about the unknown and intimacy. She attends the Emotional Anonymous meetings whereas he sees a shrink.

Although there were some entertaining scenes, we both felt that the plot fell a bit flat. Both characters weren't developed properly, explaining why both of them suffered their conditions nor giving you enough time to fall in love with the characters.

We wanted to know whether or how they bonded through chocolate, and how they overcame each of their fears by getting together.


I'm no movie critic, but let's just say that it's a forgettable movie and 84% is being too generous. I'd say 64%.

Oh, before I forget, the censorship was bloody atrocious!

When the couples kissed, twice I must say, a black piece of material was slipped over the reel, leaving the audience in darkness. Seriously!

There was another scene which was censored where she returned to her apartment, only to find her mother making out with a stranger. We assume this, because we could hear the sound of smooching and romping in the bed (or sofa) in the background, and eventually when the black material was removed, her mother was standing before her.

The audience was frustrated. What's wrong with kissing scenes!

Well, that's how developed Malaysia is.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Easy Run Along Swan River

Sunday, May 6th, 2012 - Perth

My friend has always wanted some company during his runs, so what else could we do but gladly offer ourselves as running buddies? =)

Yeah, it was crazy to have gone for a run on our 2nd day of our holidays but what the heck,we brought our gear, so might as well use them!

We drove to Burswood Park and for our 15km run.

The view at 7am!

Burswood Golf Course.

We spotted a jellyfish in the river!

A part of the path was flooded due to the swollen river - I think it must have rained a bit the night before. Hmmm, I think it did.
We (I meant YB and I), were excited to see pelicans!

But we didn't have our zoom lens with us. I tried getting close to them for a better shot but they waddled off into the water.

Abandoned coal mill, perhaps?

So, we are at ... er ... don't know!

Can't you just see wedding photo shoots happening right here?

My buddies for the day.

A bridge walkway towards the residential homes.

A kayak so early in the morning.

Spot the kayak.

Closer to the city.

I look like a mini version of Aunt Fanny from Robots. 
I had my jacket tied around my waist, in case of rain!

What a name!

It was a past 8am and only on this side were the skies still blue. 
On the other side, it was grey and gloomy, threatening to rain.

It suddenly poured and I struggled to get my jacket on before I continued to run. But after 5-10 minutes of running with my jacket on, the rain stopped.

And it got too warm so I had to take it off again. =S

Perth's weather is funny like that.

A rainbow after the heavy 5 minute downpour.

Are we there yet?

That was our running route.

My feet were sore after a while, no thanks to running in my trail shoes. I had to run on the grass to soften the impact. I was desperate to reach the end of our run already!

It was a little past 9am when we finally stopped.

Was so excited to see a duckling of a swan! So cute!
(you can't see it here but yeah, it was cute!)

Bagai pinang dibelah dua ... tu pinang kat belakang tu.

Spotted a creepy looking statue, as if his eyes were gorged out.

Probably a memorial or some kind. 
I didn't read the info on this.

I was starving already and couldn't wait to get back to change out of my icky running clothes!

2 hours for a leisure 15km run - our friend must have been bored to tears. YB brought his DSLR, you see, so he took the chance to make it a photo + run thing. I just used my iPhone.

Awesome climate to run in!

The climate in Malaysia is just humid and hot. Boo!