Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Weekend Dates

Our dates began as early as last Thursday night because it rained. We were gutted (I, more) because I was looking forward to run in Desa Park City.

I was told that afternoon that I had to start training up, in case of an opportunity to represent the company (in months to come!) so I had to psych myself up for training.

And it was suppose to start that night!

Instead, we headed out to Publika for dinner, after a looooong deliberation where to go!

We finally agreed to try Yeoh's Bah Kut Teh, situated at the E.A.T Village at the lower ground.

I stared really hard at my fork and spoon and plate of rice.

Where was my rice bowl, chopsticks and Chinese spoon?
We ordered one portion of dry BKT, which had a sweetish tinge to it. I think it was the dark caramel sauce.

We also ordered one portion of the soup version, which didn't have much of a herbal taste. Boo.

We paid about RM36.00 and I don't think we're going back there again.

Anyway, forgive the crappy photos!

Friday night was spent braving through the jam to get to Putrajaya Challenge Park for a rock climbing session with YB's colleagues. (Gear rental came up to RM20 per person.)

Ah, it brought me back to the days of climbing at USJ Summit with my high school friends!

Like, 6-7 years ago... 

I only managed to climb 3 routes. My biceps and forearm muscles turned to jelly after the first one!

Man, my upper body strength is just weak!

We were dripping sweat by the time it was time to leave at 10pm.

It was a long drive back and we were starving!

We ended up having supper with Yloon past midnight. o.O

We made our way to FRIM for a trail run on Saturday afternoon, since we missed our morning schedule. ;D

A 9km run turned out to be pretty exhausting!
We took a new trail this time.

I dread the uphills!

But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

So 'sentang' is a type of tree ...

It was about 630pm and the sun was about to set in another 40 minutes.

We decided to turn back after a while, just in case we got stranded in the dark.

Someone must have left their bag after their shower? ;D

Purple markers!

What a lovely colour!

The problem with being tired during the weekend is that you end up needing a beer. Or ale, in my case.

We found ourselves at Sid's Pub, Bukit Damansara that night. It was odd to find it nice and quiet for a Saturday.

Sid's Pub is offering Guinness at happy hour prices throughout June! Go and get yours!!

Blue cheese mushroom for appetiser. RM14.90.

Not for the weak nosed! =D
You may get turned off by the smell.

My vegetarian burger with fries. RM16.90.

YB's pork burger and a fried egg, with fries. RM16.90 + RM2.

Our burgers were so-so at best. My vegetable patty was more of a mashed potato with vegetable bits, which turned out to be just a tad bit mushy.

The pork patty not too dry, but not that juicy either. Thank goodness for the fried egg.

I fell into bed by 1010pm.
That was a great Saturday!

To make up for the early night, we woke up and forced our tired legs to run an easy 7km around our area.

The sun was so hot at 8am and it was a really tough run to complete.

At least we did it, and I didn't feel too guilty. ;)

We caught Snow White & The Huntsman at lunch time. The reviews on Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 46% but YB insisted we gave it a try.

Charlize Theron was good as the evil queen, but there were times when she would suddenly screech (her instructions) and I'd wince. That was pretty unnecessary.

Kirsten Stewart is not my favourite actress and to see her portray Snow White was quite painful. Sure she did the stunts well, but she can't smile for goodness sake.

Oh, by the way, what's with the leather pants beneath the dress? o.O

Anyway, you should watch it. It's definitely not worth 46% but better.

What's with the indulgence, eh? Haha, I don't know!

We were hungry by the evening (we normally skip lunch on weekends) so we thought we'd try our luck and paid Chilli's a visit.

Prices have increased. The Southwestern Egg Rolls are now RM15.95.

(OMG, what an unflattering picture!)

The Mushroom Jack Chicken Fajitas are now above RM35, I can't recall now. (YB is pretty hopeless - I just asked him and he doesn't know. -___-_

Still a tasty dish, yums!

As the French Film Festival is on, we managed to catch one of the films showing only on that day. Romantics Anonymous was given an 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, so we thought we'd better check it out.

It's a story about two hopeless people thrown together due to their odd characters. She is a hopeless emotional person, whereas he is phobic about the unknown and intimacy. She attends the Emotional Anonymous meetings whereas he sees a shrink.

Although there were some entertaining scenes, we both felt that the plot fell a bit flat. Both characters weren't developed properly, explaining why both of them suffered their conditions nor giving you enough time to fall in love with the characters.

We wanted to know whether or how they bonded through chocolate, and how they overcame each of their fears by getting together.


I'm no movie critic, but let's just say that it's a forgettable movie and 84% is being too generous. I'd say 64%.

Oh, before I forget, the censorship was bloody atrocious!

When the couples kissed, twice I must say, a black piece of material was slipped over the reel, leaving the audience in darkness. Seriously!

There was another scene which was censored where she returned to her apartment, only to find her mother making out with a stranger. We assume this, because we could hear the sound of smooching and romping in the bed (or sofa) in the background, and eventually when the black material was removed, her mother was standing before her.

The audience was frustrated. What's wrong with kissing scenes!

Well, that's how developed Malaysia is.

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