Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cobbler To The Rescue!

I need a new pair of badminton shoes but I can't seem to find nice ones for women.

My old pair of Dunlops are getting very worn out and I hope I'll find one soooooooon.

My rubber soles flopped open a few months ago so I went to the cobbler to fix them. Such a simple surgery - cheap!

But I want a new pair!!!

I *think* a new one will improve my movement a wee bit. Perhaps move around the court easier and a wee bit faster? Hehe.

About a month ago, I bought a *new* pair of trail shoes from New Balance at 50% off. Hurray, I was so excited!

Until I wore them the second time.

One of the soles opened up, aaaarrggghhhh I was so frustrated!

Learn from my lessons, folk. Discounts off old models may need some form of maintenance prior to usage. *shrug*

Again to the cobbler to save my shoes. This pair is really nice and comfortable as they are wide enough for my flat feet, so no way was I going to just chuck them away after wearing them for only 5 times!

I haven't tested them out since the 'surgery' but let's hope they stay in good shape.

And hey, the cobbler charges me RM13 each time he has to sew a pair up.

Better than buying a new pair of shoes for RM300, I suppose. ;)

P.s. Yes, I know. The shoes are ugly after surgery.

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