Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sticky Bones & Pork Bone Tea

Morganfield's, Pavilion KL
Met up with Dot and Steph for dinner last Tuesday for some pork ribs.

We ordered their signature Sticky Bones, with barbeque sauce. (half portion)

Chilli con carne nachos.

Caesar salad.

Does it look much?

Gotta get some pictures before we dig in!

A bit of a disappointment. Caesar salad was pretty empty without the bits. It was mostly lettuce covered with dressing. The ribs weren't aromatic enough with the barbeque sauce as if it wasn't marinated long enough. Boo. The only interesting thing I kinda enjoyed was the chilli con carne nachos which were a bit spicy.

Note: There were many blog reviews raving about their pork ribs so we were expecting it to be really scrumptious, not lacking in oomph. *Sigh*

Sheng Huat Bak Kut Teh, Jinjang (Kepong)
We had planned for a BKT supper after our badminton session last week so everyone played extra well that night. ;D

We weren't sure whether we found the right place but since it was packed with people, we decided to just sit down and order. We were getting a bit hungry already!

Still busy, even at 11pm.

We ordered a portion of mixed meat for 4, and pork trotters for 2, but they eventually changed our order to 2 and 2. Didn't look enough.

So we eventually ordered another portion of mixed meat for 2.

They had already ran out of yoo tiao / yau char kuey / Chinese cruellers, which was a huge disappointment to me. =(

Guess which plate belongs to whom!

RM70 for everything, pot of tea and 5 plates of rice inclusive. Pricey? I'm not sure. Still not the best that I have eaten. The soup wasn't aromatic enough!

Pasta Zanmai, Tropicana Mall, Petaling Jaya.
I know this does not deserve a page on its own but I need to rid pictures of their food somewhere!

They aren't even worthy as a Mobile Upload on Facebook. =P

 Chicken with egg something something.

 I ordered the unagi with mushrooms.

Note to self - no stepping in ever. So sad. 
What a waste of money!

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