Sunday, June 3, 2012

Easy Run Along Swan River

Sunday, May 6th, 2012 - Perth

My friend has always wanted some company during his runs, so what else could we do but gladly offer ourselves as running buddies? =)

Yeah, it was crazy to have gone for a run on our 2nd day of our holidays but what the heck,we brought our gear, so might as well use them!

We drove to Burswood Park and for our 15km run.

The view at 7am!

Burswood Golf Course.

We spotted a jellyfish in the river!

A part of the path was flooded due to the swollen river - I think it must have rained a bit the night before. Hmmm, I think it did.
We (I meant YB and I), were excited to see pelicans!

But we didn't have our zoom lens with us. I tried getting close to them for a better shot but they waddled off into the water.

Abandoned coal mill, perhaps?

So, we are at ... er ... don't know!

Can't you just see wedding photo shoots happening right here?

My buddies for the day.

A bridge walkway towards the residential homes.

A kayak so early in the morning.

Spot the kayak.

Closer to the city.

I look like a mini version of Aunt Fanny from Robots. 
I had my jacket tied around my waist, in case of rain!

What a name!

It was a past 8am and only on this side were the skies still blue. 
On the other side, it was grey and gloomy, threatening to rain.

It suddenly poured and I struggled to get my jacket on before I continued to run. But after 5-10 minutes of running with my jacket on, the rain stopped.

And it got too warm so I had to take it off again. =S

Perth's weather is funny like that.

A rainbow after the heavy 5 minute downpour.

Are we there yet?

That was our running route.

My feet were sore after a while, no thanks to running in my trail shoes. I had to run on the grass to soften the impact. I was desperate to reach the end of our run already!

It was a little past 9am when we finally stopped.

Was so excited to see a duckling of a swan! So cute!
(you can't see it here but yeah, it was cute!)

Bagai pinang dibelah dua ... tu pinang kat belakang tu.

Spotted a creepy looking statue, as if his eyes were gorged out.

Probably a memorial or some kind. 
I didn't read the info on this.

I was starving already and couldn't wait to get back to change out of my icky running clothes!

2 hours for a leisure 15km run - our friend must have been bored to tears. YB brought his DSLR, you see, so he took the chance to make it a photo + run thing. I just used my iPhone.

Awesome climate to run in!

The climate in Malaysia is just humid and hot. Boo!

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