Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vegemite Pasta

Say whaaaaaat?

Yes, you heard it right!

I have a jar of Vegemite that needs to be put to good use but gosh, there aren't many recipes which require the use of it. This needs to be changed!

I demand more recipes with Vegemite!

No, spreading it on toast does not count as a recipe! ;D

This jar is our one and only Australian souvenir from our trip to Perth in May this year. I'm not sure why we bought it as we aren't that crazy over it. Probably because someone mentioned 'Vegemite' in passing and it stayed in our heads.

To date, we have only eaten it with porridge. Twice.

After repeated attempts to search online for an extraordinary recipe with Vegemite, I came across Nigella's recipe as one of the easiest with minimal ingredients.

I like easy recipes with minimal ingredients. =)

Spaghetti or any of your favourite pasta. I used 1 2/4 cups of shell pasta
Butter - I used about 25-30gm
Vegemite - I used 1 teaspoon
Parmesan cheese

1. Cook pasta in boiling water with a pinch of salt, or two pinches, to be safe.
2. When the pasta is almost cooked, melt the butter in a pan and add Vegemite to it. Add a tablespoon of the water from the pasta. I added two.
3. Drain pasta, reserving half a cup of its water.
4. Pour Vegemite sauce over the pasta, mix well. Add the water if required.
5. Serve with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top!

OK, so it didn't look too appetising but it smelled reeeeallly good.

Like chocolate.

Or I could have been hallucinating because who'd associate Vegemite with chocolate?

What's missing is parmesan cheese sprinkled generously on top!

I only remembered it when I was halfway through.

My first bite was a wary one, conscious of its pungent aroma. By my second and third bite, I was enjoying it.

Until I realised that I forgot the parmesan cheese.

So I sprinkled some on the remaining pasta and realised that hey, this works!

The parmesan brings out the intensity of the Vegemite, and would probably knock you off your feet if you aren't a fan of this Australian food paste.

I packed the leftovers for lunch the next day.
The intensity knocked me back at my first whiff when I took off the lid of my container. Whew!

I will definitely try this again soon, because I'm sure my hubby would enjoy this interesting dish.

And I'll make sure this time, I will not burn the sauce!

p.s. You could tell from the splotchy pasta that I burned my sauce, couldn't you? ;D

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blog with Brooks

Ever since I received a voucher for a 30% discount for purchase of a pair of Brooks shoes two years ago, I've stuck with Brooks ever since.

OK, I admit. It's 2 pairs of Brooks to my shoe history. ;D

I was cordially invited to attend a brief talk at their outlet at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara this afternoon and my, it was first time I attended an event as a blogger.

Honestly, I don't think I'd pass off as a blogger any time. ;)

Nevertheless with some free time in my hands, I didn't hesitate.

I even received a goodie bag upon arrival! How cool is that? =)

We were talked through Brooks' objective ('Run Happy') and how they stick to their environmental friendly policy.

Some shoes were also on display and oh, how I longed for a new pair of brightly coloured shoes! This one caught my eye, mmmm.

One of the logo on my free Tshirt.
I never realised it was shoe-shaped til today. -___-
An event is never complete without free refreshments, especially catered by O'Brien's.
And what a generous layout it was.

Loads of photo sessions, too!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Wee Bit Of Comfort

I was having some bad tummy cramps the whole of yesterday that the only thing I could think of was my Eeyore warmer.

I found him hidden underneath my giant Eeyore (ten times larger than the one in the pic). He was a gift from YB a few years ago ... I can't remember which year, exactly and I'm not going to try or I'd get a headache trying to recall.
Bertie's in the background looking mighty silly - he never fails to make me laugh!

C'mon, look at his goldfish eyes and goofy grin!

I'm glad I YB saved him (on my instructions!) from the dumpster a year or more ago. ;D

I've just finished watching 'What's Your Number' starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans. I must tell you not to waste your previous time watching it, unless you absolutely have nothing else to watch and loads of time to kill.

Chris Evans, of course, is a hunk with loads of opportunity to show off his body. *huge grin*

Of late, I have been wanting to watch sappy romantic comedies ("rom coms"). I haven't had the time to do so and well, I'm finally doing it and looks like I've just sacrificed an extra two hours' of sleep.

Now why do women waste their time and emotions on rom coms? These movies give us hope that after meeting so many Mr Wrongs amongst the failed relationships, that that Mr Right will eventually appear and see only the good in us women.

Sure we women harbour such unrealistic expectations that our husbands/boyfriends will one day sweep us off our feet with romantic gestures but to be honest, these rom coms are just our 'feel good' movies.

They remain a source of entertainment and smiles.

They remain fairy tales to be enjoyed and well, who knows? Realistically we'll learn to appreciate our partners more, to take a step back and spend some time together with our loved ones.

Oh, they also serve as a reminder of all the useless Mr Wrongs you dated years ago before you got married - why didn't it work out with them? What was wrong with them? What did I do wrong with them?

*roll eyes*

But it's true!

Go and think about it. ;)

But we all know that these sappy love stories only happen in the movies ...

I was singing bits and pieces of some old songs to myself yesterday. I realised that hey, I missed annoying YB just by singing into his ear or in his face. ;D

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DR's Handicap Run

This is an outdated post I've been meaning to put up long time ago, but I was waiting for the photos to be published by the other runners. ;D

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Dutamas Runners’ had a small race among the group, with 13 participants. We had to do 4 laps around the lake in Desa Park City, which gave us an total approximate of 8.6km. The slowest runner was given a head start whilst the faster ones would start later. The theory behind it? Everyone should complete the run around the same time.

I started 17 minutes after Kenny, Chae Yin started 2 minutes before me, and Chin Ann, Yin Yin’s mum and Azam started 2 minutes before Chae Yin.
I didn’t see anyone while I ran the first lap. It was only when I was about to complete the 2nd lap when I overtook Kenny. And while into the 3rd lap, only did I manage to catch up with the other four runners.

During the 3rd lap, Fendy overtook me. I went, “Uh oh! There goes my chance of being top 3!”
Then YB overtook me, and next was Yloon and then Seng Chor. Crap! The fast runners were finally overtaking us all!

By the 4th lap, I couldn’t even catch a glimpse of Kenny anymore. I was expecting Melvin and Keenrunner to overtake me anytime.

I was the 7th runner to cross the “finish line” as I couldn’t even stick close to Seng Chor or Melvin’s shadows. Apparently Fendy overtook Kenny during the last 100m of the race, to claim 1st place!

cookie medals!

Silly medals and prizes.
If you don’t know us well, we love food, a LOT of fun and LOADS of laugh. Our prizes for the top 5 and lucky draw weren’t fancy schmancy, but rather a ‘LOL’ kind of thing. (Of course I will confessed to being a little mortified…)

I was hoping to be top 5 but after getting a good luck on the prizes, I said, “Phew!”
I’m glad they loved their medals. Some were eaten right after the prize giving ceremony!

The list of participants in their starting order, with their finishing position in brackets:
1. Kenny - (2)
2. Yin Yin’s mum – (12)
    Azam – (11)
    Chin Ann – (10)
3. Chae Yin – (8)
4. Yvonne – (7)
5. Seng Chor (6)
   Andrew (13)
   YB – (3)
   Yloon – (4)
6. Fendy – (1)
7. Melvin – (5)
    Keenrunner – (9)

Some of the prizes for the top 5 winners. 
(Snort! I know what you're thinking! I'm not part of the prize committee so don't ask look at me. =))

 Group photos are sourced from Andrew.

Behind the scenes of the cookie medals:

I was baking the cookies the night before, lamenting for my lack of utensils such as cookie cutters in the shape of numbers. My life would have been much easier!

But honestly, I'm not very good with cookie cutters so it probably wouldn't have made any difference. 

I had some leftover cookies instead, which were dusted with some icing sugar. Aren't they pretty? That's what icing sugar does eh.

Apparently they tasted really yummy, as informed by Chae Yin. I'm not too sure because I didn't taste them.

I will have to try making another batch soon, just to taste them for myself! =)

Our next DR Handicap Run is tentatively happening in October 2012.

KYK's report can be found here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SCKLM 2012

Sunday, 24th June 2012.
(photos are courtesy of YB Wong)

YB and I didn't sign up for it this year, thinking we wouldn't be able to make it.

Eventually we managed to secure some bibs for ourselves as some friends weren't able to participate. 

YB managed obtain a bib for the Speed 10km category whilst I ended up with the Leisure 10km category which flagged off at 715am. I was so displeased that I couldn't start at 630am with YB!!

While I was heading towards the starting pen albeit 5mins late, YB ran past me on his way back!

I was pretty puzzled with the route (OK, I admit I didn't bother studying the route because I thought it would more or less be the same usual 10km route) and I soon realised that the returning runners from the Speed category were running into the Leisure category runners on their way to the starting point!

I forgot to start my Garmin once I crossed the start line. Only 500m later I realised my mistake. Argh. So I can only assume I was 2-3mins behind my gun time.

The first 3km is always the hardest, having to run in between runners, probably much to their annoyance. Hey, I was annoyed having to avoid the walkers!

(I can accidentally twist or sprain my ankles by having to abruptly swerve into the left or right sideways, you know. And this is for your general information, by the way.)

I know that everyone is getting into the hang of running events, but oh gawd, dear beginners or regulars, PLEASE take note of the running etiquette available online - if you are slow and intend to stop and walk, please keep to the left of the lane! 

Or if you're jogging in the middle or on the right and you suddenly need to stop to tie your shoelace or catch your breath, do try and manouver yourself to the far side of the lane to avoid runners tripping over you or running smack into your backs!

And do not try to run into the lane beyond the cones as oncoming traffic will not appreciate you invading their space.

Anyway, I wasn't pleased with my gun time of 1:00:58 but bah, whatever.

I can share with you all my excuses for a lousy time, but it's not fair to burden you with them. Basically, I was mentally unprepared for my race as I was hunting for a bib for the Speed category just days before and wasn't happy that I was unable to secure one. Bleh.

I bumped into friends after the run and we took the obligatory pictures, whee!

Thereafter I had to make a swift change of clothes before walking back on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman to support the returning runners and taking photos.

I chatted with one of the traffic policemen and DBKL officers manning one of the junctions while taking pictures of the runners. They were curious about this funny thing called 'marathon'.

"Why are they just walking? They might as well not participate!"
"Do they need to train?"
"How long does it normally take to complete the run?"

I explained that many do it for various reasons, to maintain their fitness, to test their endurance, for the medal, for the adrenaline rush to improve their personal best, etc.

Oh, and please do not call any runner a 'marathoner' if they have never completed a 42km run, I advised them. Marathoners do not take kindly to people referring to non-42km runners as marathoners. 

Just because one participates in an event known as an international marathon but ran the 10km category doesn't make him/her a marathoner. =)

Anyway, YB and I waited for Kenny and Paul to complete their full marathon (that I didn't even finish my ice cream when I saw them returning to the finish line). We were starving and tired but hey, we had agreed to wait for him and so we had to stick around.

Every year at the SCKLM, we can be seen waiting for our friends to cross the finish line.

Another SCKLM full marathon completed by Kenny!

SCKLM is an annual reminder to both YB and I the reason we started running - to lose weight and keep fit. In 2009 and 2010, we both did the 10km. Last year in 2011, we did the 21km (half marathon). This year we were too lazy and did only 10km.

My official times: 1:15 (2009), 1:05 (2010), 2:12 (2011) and 1:00 (2012).

Ah well, at least I'm still maintaining my average 60mins for 10km, I guess.  Despite the excess baggage (ie weight gain)! =P

My SCKLM 2012 albums can be found here:

Monday, August 20, 2012

Salem High Country in FRIM

Sunday, 12th August 2012.

I had planned to do some trail running on my own in FRIM that Sunday, but since I saw that KC was planning to run there as well, I thought I'd join him and his friend. Subsequently, Yin Yin and KYK decided to tag along as well.

(photo belongs to Amelia Ang.)

What we didn't expect was to bump into two different FRIM gang (as they are known) who were planning a 30km training run.

Befuddled, KC said we could just tag along with them and do our own planned 15km route which was OK by me. Yin Yin and KYK did a shorter route via Dream Trail and back through Rover Trail.

Don't let the group picture fool you, cos this was the only time you saw everyone grouped together. Once we got onto the trails, everyone went their own separate ways!

Whilst KYK went on his own pace with one of the FRIM gang, Yin Yin and I stayed back with KC and Chong. I'm not sure if I oversold the Dream Trail to Yin Yin but ha, it was good to know that she did enjoy the trail.

Once we got out to the Rover Trail, we said bye to Yin Yin and the 3 of us headed up to Syabas Trail, down through Pacat Trail and on to the Mountain Track Trail and up on to Steroid Hill.

We bumped into a few runners from the group.

The FRIM gang are training for TMBT 100km, if you didn't know. Crazy fellas!

Up to Salem High Country.

I have never camwhored so much ever ... except for my wedding. =P

My running buddies for the morning!

They are also running TMBT 25km and man, Chong is good with the slopes. I was  too lazy to attempt to jog up but chose to walk the uphills instead. 

By the time I headed back to the meeting point, some of the FRIM gang members were having their breakfast.

They were well prepared for a breakfast feast that I was so impressed!

Some of them were supposed to run another round after breakfast, you see, while the rest will wait for them with food and drinks. 

I was quite shy when Ms Cally offered me sandwich. No matter how hard I declined (I felt like a scrub), they insisted. Even Chong was offered one!

Anyway, the 15km run was good exercise. I had to rush off to meet Kenny and Andrew for breakfast thereafter and unfortunately, it wasn't lui cha which was what I was craving for!

I'm planning another run in FRIM next weekend, will either bring the DR gang or join the FRIM gang on Sunday. Hmmmm.

KC's post can be found here.

Wedding Chaos

It's been more than a year since this draft post was left here to collect dust.

Our wedding reception(s) were held last year and I guess you could say that we were glad they turned out pretty well, despite a little hiccups here and there.

For the KK reception, it was cool that most of our guests adhered to our purple theme. I thanked them profusely then and there, although many of the guests asked why wasn't I in purple.

"Ah," I'd reply, "I need to stand out from the crowd!"

For the Ipoh reception, I was sadly disappointed with my hair & make up artist from Keep Gallery. Don't use them!

I looked pale and dull for the morning ceremony and my hair didn't complement my features and wedding gown. I was really, really, really upset but hey, the show had to go on.

It didn't improve for the evening dinner either.

I ordered a pair of custom made shoes (just two weeks before my KK reception!) and she managed to use the remains of the lace from my gown for the shoes.

The pair cost RM200+ in total and well, I must say I wasn't too impressed with the workmanship but what's a girl got to do at the last minute, eh? Nevertheless, the lace on the shoes made them very pretty.

I took them out the other day to admire them and thought I'd wear them last weekend.

But behold, my feet couldn't fit in!

Either the shoes shrunk or my feet have grown fat!

I'll probably give them away to my mum or sister.

Or force my fat feet into them again ...

The entire wedding preparation was hectic and crazy, and we surely wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of our family and friends. There's no harm in asking for help if you can't handle it on your own!

p.s. YB and I keep lamenting that we need to get married all over again, just so we can keep our weight in check! We've gained some weight, argggghhhhh!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Soft White Bread

So excited I was when I came across this recipe on ehow last week!

So excited I was that I immediately decided I was definitely going to MAKE it last weekend.

And so I did.

The dough proved to be a bit sticky for kneading, despite adding a handful of flour to it every now and then.

I ended up oiling my hands so I could at least knead the dough for a bit, instead of giving up completely in a huff.

Yes, OK I admit it.

I added a teaspoon of flax seeds and chia seeds to the mixture, just for a wee bit of crunch and texture. (It's no surprise, isn't it? I'm sure everyone adds something extra to the original recipe. ;))

I also added a sprinkle of sesame seeds on top of the loaves before shoving them into the oven.

They turned out soft and sweet. I'm not sure if it was because of the olive oil I used on my hands when I kneaded the dough, or it's just the way it is.

Now two loaves are a lot of bread one person. I've been having peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast the entire week already! =P

I gave some for my colleagues to try and they enjoyed it.

Nevertheless, I think I've found a bread recipe to stick to.

P.s. While I waited for the dough to proof, I baked a batch of chocolate fudge brownies as well. They turned out pretty fudgy indeed, and a tad bit too sweet.

But it was still yummy, phew!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Offline - Not Deliberate

It's been hard without a laptop. It crashed last week and I've yet to take it for a check up and diagnosis.

Soon, I keep telling myself. Soon. ;S

I should maximize my iPad instead but unfortunately I just don't know how to!

Mum was in KL for a few days and my workout plans were scraped, save for Friday when I managed just a quick workout before dinner. Not ideal, but it was better than nothing.

Anyway, any idea how to restart the freaking MacBook pro?? I tried the ALT or Shift key but it didn't work. :(