Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Wee Bit Of Comfort

I was having some bad tummy cramps the whole of yesterday that the only thing I could think of was my Eeyore warmer.

I found him hidden underneath my giant Eeyore (ten times larger than the one in the pic). He was a gift from YB a few years ago ... I can't remember which year, exactly and I'm not going to try or I'd get a headache trying to recall.
Bertie's in the background looking mighty silly - he never fails to make me laugh!

C'mon, look at his goldfish eyes and goofy grin!

I'm glad I YB saved him (on my instructions!) from the dumpster a year or more ago. ;D

I've just finished watching 'What's Your Number' starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans. I must tell you not to waste your previous time watching it, unless you absolutely have nothing else to watch and loads of time to kill.

Chris Evans, of course, is a hunk with loads of opportunity to show off his body. *huge grin*

Of late, I have been wanting to watch sappy romantic comedies ("rom coms"). I haven't had the time to do so and well, I'm finally doing it and looks like I've just sacrificed an extra two hours' of sleep.

Now why do women waste their time and emotions on rom coms? These movies give us hope that after meeting so many Mr Wrongs amongst the failed relationships, that that Mr Right will eventually appear and see only the good in us women.

Sure we women harbour such unrealistic expectations that our husbands/boyfriends will one day sweep us off our feet with romantic gestures but to be honest, these rom coms are just our 'feel good' movies.

They remain a source of entertainment and smiles.

They remain fairy tales to be enjoyed and well, who knows? Realistically we'll learn to appreciate our partners more, to take a step back and spend some time together with our loved ones.

Oh, they also serve as a reminder of all the useless Mr Wrongs you dated years ago before you got married - why didn't it work out with them? What was wrong with them? What did I do wrong with them?

*roll eyes*

But it's true!

Go and think about it. ;)

But we all know that these sappy love stories only happen in the movies ...

I was singing bits and pieces of some old songs to myself yesterday. I realised that hey, I missed annoying YB just by singing into his ear or in his face. ;D

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