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DR's Handicap Run

This is an outdated post I've been meaning to put up long time ago, but I was waiting for the photos to be published by the other runners. ;D

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Dutamas Runners’ had a small race among the group, with 13 participants. We had to do 4 laps around the lake in Desa Park City, which gave us an total approximate of 8.6km. The slowest runner was given a head start whilst the faster ones would start later. The theory behind it? Everyone should complete the run around the same time.

I started 17 minutes after Kenny, Chae Yin started 2 minutes before me, and Chin Ann, Yin Yin’s mum and Azam started 2 minutes before Chae Yin.
I didn’t see anyone while I ran the first lap. It was only when I was about to complete the 2nd lap when I overtook Kenny. And while into the 3rd lap, only did I manage to catch up with the other four runners.

During the 3rd lap, Fendy overtook me. I went, “Uh oh! There goes my chance of being top 3!”
Then YB overtook me, and next was Yloon and then Seng Chor. Crap! The fast runners were finally overtaking us all!

By the 4th lap, I couldn’t even catch a glimpse of Kenny anymore. I was expecting Melvin and Keenrunner to overtake me anytime.

I was the 7th runner to cross the “finish line” as I couldn’t even stick close to Seng Chor or Melvin’s shadows. Apparently Fendy overtook Kenny during the last 100m of the race, to claim 1st place!

cookie medals!

Silly medals and prizes.
If you don’t know us well, we love food, a LOT of fun and LOADS of laugh. Our prizes for the top 5 and lucky draw weren’t fancy schmancy, but rather a ‘LOL’ kind of thing. (Of course I will confessed to being a little mortified…)

I was hoping to be top 5 but after getting a good luck on the prizes, I said, “Phew!”
I’m glad they loved their medals. Some were eaten right after the prize giving ceremony!

The list of participants in their starting order, with their finishing position in brackets:
1. Kenny - (2)
2. Yin Yin’s mum – (12)
    Azam – (11)
    Chin Ann – (10)
3. Chae Yin – (8)
4. Yvonne – (7)
5. Seng Chor (6)
   Andrew (13)
   YB – (3)
   Yloon – (4)
6. Fendy – (1)
7. Melvin – (5)
    Keenrunner – (9)

Some of the prizes for the top 5 winners. 
(Snort! I know what you're thinking! I'm not part of the prize committee so don't ask look at me. =))

 Group photos are sourced from Andrew.

Behind the scenes of the cookie medals:

I was baking the cookies the night before, lamenting for my lack of utensils such as cookie cutters in the shape of numbers. My life would have been much easier!

But honestly, I'm not very good with cookie cutters so it probably wouldn't have made any difference. 

I had some leftover cookies instead, which were dusted with some icing sugar. Aren't they pretty? That's what icing sugar does eh.

Apparently they tasted really yummy, as informed by Chae Yin. I'm not too sure because I didn't taste them.

I will have to try making another batch soon, just to taste them for myself! =)

Our next DR Handicap Run is tentatively happening in October 2012.

KYK's report can be found here.

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