Friday, August 10, 2012

Soft White Bread

So excited I was when I came across this recipe on ehow last week!

So excited I was that I immediately decided I was definitely going to MAKE it last weekend.

And so I did.

The dough proved to be a bit sticky for kneading, despite adding a handful of flour to it every now and then.

I ended up oiling my hands so I could at least knead the dough for a bit, instead of giving up completely in a huff.

Yes, OK I admit it.

I added a teaspoon of flax seeds and chia seeds to the mixture, just for a wee bit of crunch and texture. (It's no surprise, isn't it? I'm sure everyone adds something extra to the original recipe. ;))

I also added a sprinkle of sesame seeds on top of the loaves before shoving them into the oven.

They turned out soft and sweet. I'm not sure if it was because of the olive oil I used on my hands when I kneaded the dough, or it's just the way it is.

Now two loaves are a lot of bread one person. I've been having peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast the entire week already! =P

I gave some for my colleagues to try and they enjoyed it.

Nevertheless, I think I've found a bread recipe to stick to.

P.s. While I waited for the dough to proof, I baked a batch of chocolate fudge brownies as well. They turned out pretty fudgy indeed, and a tad bit too sweet.

But it was still yummy, phew!


  1. Yum, looks so soft and fluffy! I love a bit of crunch in bread too, i.e. seeded breads though not a fan of wholemeal.

  2. Jaime, I have to say this is a very good recipe and I'm glad to have come across it! I can't wait to try it again with all sorts of added ingredients. =)

    how have you been????