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SCKLM 2012

Sunday, 24th June 2012.
(photos are courtesy of YB Wong)

YB and I didn't sign up for it this year, thinking we wouldn't be able to make it.

Eventually we managed to secure some bibs for ourselves as some friends weren't able to participate. 

YB managed obtain a bib for the Speed 10km category whilst I ended up with the Leisure 10km category which flagged off at 715am. I was so displeased that I couldn't start at 630am with YB!!

While I was heading towards the starting pen albeit 5mins late, YB ran past me on his way back!

I was pretty puzzled with the route (OK, I admit I didn't bother studying the route because I thought it would more or less be the same usual 10km route) and I soon realised that the returning runners from the Speed category were running into the Leisure category runners on their way to the starting point!

I forgot to start my Garmin once I crossed the start line. Only 500m later I realised my mistake. Argh. So I can only assume I was 2-3mins behind my gun time.

The first 3km is always the hardest, having to run in between runners, probably much to their annoyance. Hey, I was annoyed having to avoid the walkers!

(I can accidentally twist or sprain my ankles by having to abruptly swerve into the left or right sideways, you know. And this is for your general information, by the way.)

I know that everyone is getting into the hang of running events, but oh gawd, dear beginners or regulars, PLEASE take note of the running etiquette available online - if you are slow and intend to stop and walk, please keep to the left of the lane! 

Or if you're jogging in the middle or on the right and you suddenly need to stop to tie your shoelace or catch your breath, do try and manouver yourself to the far side of the lane to avoid runners tripping over you or running smack into your backs!

And do not try to run into the lane beyond the cones as oncoming traffic will not appreciate you invading their space.

Anyway, I wasn't pleased with my gun time of 1:00:58 but bah, whatever.

I can share with you all my excuses for a lousy time, but it's not fair to burden you with them. Basically, I was mentally unprepared for my race as I was hunting for a bib for the Speed category just days before and wasn't happy that I was unable to secure one. Bleh.

I bumped into friends after the run and we took the obligatory pictures, whee!

Thereafter I had to make a swift change of clothes before walking back on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman to support the returning runners and taking photos.

I chatted with one of the traffic policemen and DBKL officers manning one of the junctions while taking pictures of the runners. They were curious about this funny thing called 'marathon'.

"Why are they just walking? They might as well not participate!"
"Do they need to train?"
"How long does it normally take to complete the run?"

I explained that many do it for various reasons, to maintain their fitness, to test their endurance, for the medal, for the adrenaline rush to improve their personal best, etc.

Oh, and please do not call any runner a 'marathoner' if they have never completed a 42km run, I advised them. Marathoners do not take kindly to people referring to non-42km runners as marathoners. 

Just because one participates in an event known as an international marathon but ran the 10km category doesn't make him/her a marathoner. =)

Anyway, YB and I waited for Kenny and Paul to complete their full marathon (that I didn't even finish my ice cream when I saw them returning to the finish line). We were starving and tired but hey, we had agreed to wait for him and so we had to stick around.

Every year at the SCKLM, we can be seen waiting for our friends to cross the finish line.

Another SCKLM full marathon completed by Kenny!

SCKLM is an annual reminder to both YB and I the reason we started running - to lose weight and keep fit. In 2009 and 2010, we both did the 10km. Last year in 2011, we did the 21km (half marathon). This year we were too lazy and did only 10km.

My official times: 1:15 (2009), 1:05 (2010), 2:12 (2011) and 1:00 (2012).

Ah well, at least I'm still maintaining my average 60mins for 10km, I guess.  Despite the excess baggage (ie weight gain)! =P

My SCKLM 2012 albums can be found here:

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