Monday, August 20, 2012

Salem High Country in FRIM

Sunday, 12th August 2012.

I had planned to do some trail running on my own in FRIM that Sunday, but since I saw that KC was planning to run there as well, I thought I'd join him and his friend. Subsequently, Yin Yin and KYK decided to tag along as well.

(photo belongs to Amelia Ang.)

What we didn't expect was to bump into two different FRIM gang (as they are known) who were planning a 30km training run.

Befuddled, KC said we could just tag along with them and do our own planned 15km route which was OK by me. Yin Yin and KYK did a shorter route via Dream Trail and back through Rover Trail.

Don't let the group picture fool you, cos this was the only time you saw everyone grouped together. Once we got onto the trails, everyone went their own separate ways!

Whilst KYK went on his own pace with one of the FRIM gang, Yin Yin and I stayed back with KC and Chong. I'm not sure if I oversold the Dream Trail to Yin Yin but ha, it was good to know that she did enjoy the trail.

Once we got out to the Rover Trail, we said bye to Yin Yin and the 3 of us headed up to Syabas Trail, down through Pacat Trail and on to the Mountain Track Trail and up on to Steroid Hill.

We bumped into a few runners from the group.

The FRIM gang are training for TMBT 100km, if you didn't know. Crazy fellas!

Up to Salem High Country.

I have never camwhored so much ever ... except for my wedding. =P

My running buddies for the morning!

They are also running TMBT 25km and man, Chong is good with the slopes. I was  too lazy to attempt to jog up but chose to walk the uphills instead. 

By the time I headed back to the meeting point, some of the FRIM gang members were having their breakfast.

They were well prepared for a breakfast feast that I was so impressed!

Some of them were supposed to run another round after breakfast, you see, while the rest will wait for them with food and drinks. 

I was quite shy when Ms Cally offered me sandwich. No matter how hard I declined (I felt like a scrub), they insisted. Even Chong was offered one!

Anyway, the 15km run was good exercise. I had to rush off to meet Kenny and Andrew for breakfast thereafter and unfortunately, it wasn't lui cha which was what I was craving for!

I'm planning another run in FRIM next weekend, will either bring the DR gang or join the FRIM gang on Sunday. Hmmmm.

KC's post can be found here.

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