Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dish Deli, Solaris Mont Kiara

In February, I purchased 2 vouchers from MyDeal for a lunch meal at Dish Deli for RM25 each. I thought it was good deal, considering that it was 50% off its usual price AND the reviews were pretty positive.

The special menu for My Deal voucher redemption.

If you're thinking of ordering ala carte from the menu.

The children's section was decorated with bright pink walls and a shelf of toys.

The long table was later filled with a group of patrons with children.

The mushroom bruschetta and soup of the day. They used grey oyster mushroom for the bruschetta.

I think this was the cottage pie. It was pretty good!

The spaghetti with pesto and chicken. Presentation wise, it didn't look appetising, especially with the green goo and huge chunks of chicken breast.

But looks can be deceiving as it wasn't too bad. I think it was a bit bland, though.

Our desserts.

I was pretty stuffed by then.

Thank goodness we did our 24km run earlier in the day!


Our Second Visit was sometime in May. This time, Milkadeal had vouchers for set lunch at only RM18. I bought 4 vouchers this time, but only redeemed 2.

We ordered the fried samosa and spring rolls ala carte. RM10 or RM12, I don't remember. It is a good appetiser while waiting for your main course.

Some stew I ordered. I was a bit disappointed, if you ask me. I felt that the bread didn't go with the stew. =[

But it did give me an idea to try and cook this one fine day!

The carbonara.

It was alright.

One peach crumble and one apple crumble. The apple crumble was a bit sour, and it reminded me of bramble apples in London. You know, they'd use those for the crumble. =D

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