Sunday, July 3, 2011


The Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2011 caused a massive jam in KL last Sunday.

We left for town pretty late at 520am and most of the roads were already closed with a lot of junctions blocked. Since we couldn’t even turn into Jalan Parlimen from Jalan Kuching, we ended up going as far as past Jalan Loke Yew (Cheras) to make a u-turn!

At the last minute, we parked our car on the curb near the mosque and ran through the tunnel to the starting line. We only had 10-15 minutes to stretch and warm up.

Our half marathon started at 615am. It took us 2 minutes to shuffle past the start line before we could saunter into a jog for the first 1 – 2 km. Consider the first 5km a warm up, I keep telling myself, although my pace was +/- 2.5 minutes slower. Hmmfh.

Leisurely walk towards the finish line.

They had a water station at every 2km after the first 4km, which was good. I skipped just one water station, I think, at the 8km. The thing I didn’t really fancy was that the marker was in 0.5km, e.g. 6.5km, 7.5km, 8.5km because then I had to re-estimate the accuracy of my pace.

I think by the time I hit 13km, the same question that pops into my head during events returned, “Why do I run? Why am I running?”

Still able to smile for the cameras!

The route was remarkably comfortable, and I was pleased that there were no steep slopes to conquer.

Negativity hit me at 18km when I just felt like slowing down, “Oh never mind if I’m not going to hit my target. Whatever.” But when the pace band showed me that I was just 1 – 2 minutes slower than my supposed pace, I had to shake myself out of it and push on.

Thumbs up to YOU for completing your marathon!

No, I didn’t achieve my new year resolution of 2 hours for a half marathon but I knew this already beforehand because I haven’t been training enough. So making it pass the finish line more or less on my target yesterday should keep me happy … for the time being!
KKYum with his funky zebra pants.

*secretly sore and angry with self*

(Ok, I’m trying to pep talk myself out of this, but I just can’t help being annoyed with myself. *bummed*)

*angry with self*

Anyway, we waited for our Dutamas Runners’ virgin full marathoners to complete their run yesterday. We waited until we were starving, to be honest. And it was so hot!

Lionel with his blue balloon.

But it was great to know that everyone was so supportive to wait for the 3 fellas to complete their FM. I can’t imagine the pain and mental anguish you went through to keep on going.

Almost everyone made a personal best

So we say, “Well done, guys!”
We’re proud of you!

Congrats, crazy Lynn!

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