Sunday, July 3, 2011

Banana Walnut Loaf

I think I'm hopeless when it comes to baking.

I'm terrified by the amount of sugar used, that I'd swap half a cup of white sugar with brown, so it reduces the sweetness. I'm fine with that. So is YB.

Since I had bananas and walnuts at home, I thought I'd try my luck with baking a banana walnut loaf with this recipe. Yeah, I happily added a cup of chopped walnuts to it. =P

Well, it was not moist enough. Did I overcook it? Not enough butter? Not enough banana?


It's OK, it's still edible. Phew!
But I wouldn't serve this to my pro-baking friends, that's for sure!

p.s. I should stop buying baking equipments until I improve my baking skills!

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