Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Baking Frenzy Doesn't Make Me A Good Baker!

Like I said, baking gives you instant satisfaction. You prepare the ingredients and mix mix mix, and an hour later, you get your finished product. Voila~

I desperately wanted to try to make basic butter cake and succeed.

I say succeed because somehow, I think my baking skills are bordering hopeless. keh keh keh.

Too sweet or too dry.

I used the wrong tray. I should have used something smaller! I added some chopped almonds on the top, which provided a nice crunch to it.

HOWEVER, these recipes need to reduce the amount of sugar they use. I need to reduce them either by 1/3 cup or 1/2 cup. Phhhhbt. So yes, this one turned out a bit too sweet.

I've been baking almost every weekend. The oven is clearly being used very well, Lynn. *sniggers*

But I must start looking out for dinner recipes instead of sweets. After I lamented to my colleague that YB and I are puzzled with our difficulty in shedding off a bit of weight, she remarked that my baking is probably the reason why YB and I aren't losing weight.

"I bring most of them to work!" I stuttered defensively.

ANYWAY, I'll probably stick to improving my banana walnut bread.

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