Saturday, July 16, 2011


I'm parking myself in Starbucks while my car is undergoing service. *checks watch* Another two hours to go ...

I'm bored with Facebook (it's usually pretty quiet on Saturday, did you notice? and I'm not sure what other recipes I should look for (I honestly MUST stop find recipes one after another when I can't do them all at once) and therefore, what else can I do online?

I miss the guys in Australia, I really do. I haven't heard from them since my wedding. Everyone is busy getting on with their lives, taking care of their adorable kiddies and basking in the park somewhere. Sniff. I wish I could play the role of Aunty Von with them!!

Hmmm, everyone who enters the cafe is shooting me dirty looks because I'm hogging the armchair(s) section. TOO BAD, GIRLS! I was here first!

Hey, no fair. They got a drink on the house! *narrow eyes*

YB is off playing in the company's badminton tourney and I hope he beats them the pulp! He's playing singles - I wish I was there to watch but I've delayed my car service for a while now, so there was no way I could get delay any further. AND they're playing all the way in Puchong, which is ridiculously far, if you ask me.

I just got off the phone with my sister. (I'm hopeless, you know. I hardly call home, my bad. But the reception where I stay is reeeeeeallllly bad.) We were talking about pregnancy and delivery issues. She doesn't know the sex of the little bun yet. I'm going to be an aunt, a real one! *excited*

I also spoke to my mum just now and she told me to stop my acne medication so I can focus on family planning. Er ... thanks for the advice, mum, but we're not ready yet. Honestly.

And then she goes on about investment and shit, which puts me on the edge so I had to change to topic by asking her how do I make good Lo Mai Fan (glutinous rice) and curry from scratch.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I'm playing badminton for my 'department' too. Although they say it's an inter-department tournament, it's actually a mixture of sorts. My department and another forms a team, probably because we're both small, and there is another team which is a combination of two departments.

Basically there are four different teams and 5 games namely badminton, bowling, futsal, carrom and table tennis.

Last Thursday, we won the badminton against another team with 3-2, the points were scored by one men's double, one women's double and the mixed double. Yay! I'm in the mixed double team, by the way, and my partner is 52 years old. Shocked? I was. Wait til you see a picture of him and you would NOT believe he's 52!!!!

And he played table tennis yesterday but probably lost. I think our team lost because the other team was really good. Really.

ANYWAY, I'm not sure whether I should be flattered and terrified that a lot of colleagues know my name. I walked into the badminton hall on Thursday night, and several people greeted me by name.

And I don't even know theirs! I've seen them around but I don't think I've ever spoken to them before.

I suspect it was because of our Sports Day last year when I played badminton for the team as well. Perhaps.

Then I walked into the lounge yesterday evening where the table tennis matches were held and again, people greeted me by name.

This is BAD. I need to make an effort to know these people and remember their names. But isn't it too late or too rude to now ask them, "Eh, what's your name, by the way? I forgot."

Or maybe my badminton skills are too fab. Keh keh keh. *perasan*

But it's not, to be honest. YB ALWAYS shakes his head while playing with me. He said the other day, "I gotta train you up, you know. You have several weaknesses."


Oh wow, see, this is what happens when I have time to myself and I start rambling on and not knowing whether my thoughts are even worth your penny. Apologies, you know. I don't have anyone to talk to right now, so I have to blog. =D

You know what?
I'm just going to stop here right now and take my yarn out so I can crochet. I miss crocheting too, you know.

But I can understand why people enjoy baking - it's gratifying to see results after an hour or so!

C'mon, this crocheting takes FOREVER. I've got tons of unfinished projects lying about (oh, YB HATES to see my stuff lying bout the house, by the way. I detest seeing HIS stuff lying about too - we're both very messy people, to be honest. But shhhh, I don't think I was supposed to tell any of you this.) and then I start a new one.

And they say 'Yvonne' means she is finishes the job she started. *Wahahahaha*

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