Friday, July 15, 2011

The Running Revolution

I was nodding off when I uploaded the photos to this post, and well, if you came by last night, you would have seen that this post was published twice - one with a title and one without. I WAS that sleepy!

I still am.

Last Saturday saw a small group of us doing an easy 7km run. (You must remember the date, it was 9th July - the Bersih rally day!) YB and I were supposed to do one round earlier before joining the rest, but we only managed 5km.

If you know Solaris Dutamas well enough, you will know where the photos were taken.

Mucking about while waiting for Captain to do his extra loop and for Geoff and I to arrive.

Checking out the new kid on the block.

The new kid was dragged in.

The group picture.

We had to interrupt a runner's run so he could help us take the group photo. We couldn't help laughing to ourselves after that because the guy must have been annoyed with the interruption!

I remember my first experience with bagel years ago wasn't very enjoyable. It was tough and hard to chew.

But after reading some blogs where some of them could have a bagel thin with anything (savoury or sweet) almost everyday, I was tempted to try them again.

So I decided to buy one packet to try. Cold Storage is selling these for RM11.99 but I found them cheaper at Village Grocer by RM2. I'm not sure if these prices are up to date, because recently there seems to be a price revision at these places!

I didn't realise the spelling error until I took this picture!

There are 4 bagels sliced into half in each bag. Imported from New York, apparently!

It was really yummy.

It was still a bit chewy but it wasn't hard or tough.

YB and I had half a bagel each, toasted and covered with roasted vegetables and nuts, and mustard mayo sauce.

It was very nice.
I think the nuts did it.

And the mustard mayo.

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