Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When We're Not Comparing Injured Toes

Or running, we'd be busy stuffing our face with food because er, we view eating as a very serious matter.

Last Sunday was supposed to be a brunch gathering to celebrate our 3 FMV's (Full Marathon Virgin) success in crossing the finish line after a grueling 42.195km run and welcome a new beginner runner to the running scene.

Somehow or rather, we could only talk about running and more running, which must have bored our partners to tears, YB excluded. =D

You know like how soldiers braved and survived the war together and it brings them closer? It feels like that, too, for us with our 3 friends who completed their first ever marathon. OK ok, I know we can't take credit for it but hey, we trained with them, so we can imagine how tough it would be, both physically and mentally. *cringe*

We're also making sure that our new running friend, GY, will continue to keep fit and keep on running!

We had brunch at Oriental Cravings, One Utama. We were there as early as 10am but their kitchen wasn't ready for our orders. They only took our orders at 1030am and well, the laksa took 20 minutes to arrive.

I think some of the waiters didn't like serving us because we were too busy yakking away to realise that they were standing behind some of us, wanting to put food down on the table. I noticed one waiter with a glass of chinese tea and warm water standing behind Kenny for a while and because no one acknowledged his presence, he walked back to the drinks counter and plonked the glasses on the counter in a huff.

Surely he could have said something to catch our attention? Tsk tsk.

And this is tagged under 'Cheery Stuff' because hanging out with friends IS a happy thing! =)

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