Monday, July 25, 2011

BHP Orange Run 2011

After spending Saturday evening watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 3D, I didn't get into bed until 1230pm. Now that got me worried, because if you don't sleep well the night before a run, you could just ruin your race, you know?

We were early and bumped into some of the DR gang before the start of the race. The women started at 7am while the men started 10 minutes later. Well, I thought I was early, but I only warmed up for 10 minutes!

The first km is always a challenge, fighting for a spot ahead of someone whose pace is slower than yours. I had to maneuver my way out of the crowd and monitored my pace all the way.

The Kenyan male runners began to run past us when I was at 3.3km. Fuh. Crazy shite.

Met up with Joline at about 4km and made some small talk before I headed off. I didn't remember that running within Mutiara Damansara ("MD") itself would take that long! By the time we came out from MD to the main road leading us from The Curve to Sunway Damansara / Kota Damansara, we were in our 5th km.

I said hi to Jason when he ran past me.

The slopes began at 5.5km and well, they didn't feel *that* bad, although I must say that my pace began to dwindle a bit. We're talking about the road (Jalan PJU 3/22) from Sunway Damansara junction heading towards Sony at Bandar Utama. Blech.

I was gradually passing by some runners and honestly, I was unsure about overtaking them when we were running uphill. Unsure because it would be silly if I ended up stopping at the top of the slope, gasping for air and they'd run pass me with a smirk on their face. I'm just saying!

To cut a long story short, come 8.5km, Melvin passed me by and said something. Come the 9th km, I was hesitant - do I start to speed up NOW or at the 10th km? I was seriously unsure, because I was starting to feel a little bit tired. I wanted to stop and walk a little but I had to trudge on. (Checked my Garmin and yep, I was slowing down just a little between the 9 and 10km.)

Jamie passed me by at 10km (somewhere near the junction leading towards 1Utama's new wing parking) and I knew I had to buck up immediately. He said something, but I can't remember - I know I told him to save some 100plus for me once he reached the finish line.

That's when I knew I had to speed up and forced me tired legs to continue on. Screw shitty candid photos of me (if any) because I had to race against time and hit my target!!

No sub 1 but was so close!
If I had, like, sped up at 9km and wasn't tired, perhaps?

Never mind.
(Yah, I secretly mind!)

A picture series with Jamie. You can read his BHP Orange Run report here.

With Jamie and Jessica. Jessica's a colleague whom I've never had a photo taken together before. Adam and the other guy in orange are colleagues, too!

Chilling out with the Dutamas Runners. First time had a photo with Chin Ann and Andrew. Haven't seen Yin Yin for ages, too! And Sze was desperately keen for breakfast immediately! =D

The obligatory couple pic, though this is at first for the year! YB wasn't feeling too good but you know me, always the slave master - I told him that he'd better keep to his last year's time at the very least! =P

The incomplete group photo, but looking good. =)

The ciplak bib on my back. =P

We then headed towards Damansara Perdana for breakfast and a chill out session.

And then we proceeded to Desa Park City for lunch at noon. Food's the only way to keep everyone happy and together!

Next Sunday, the gang will be at the Segambut Welfare Run held at Desa Park City. See you there!


  1. wahaha! my sis- a girl after my own heart. first thing fikir breakfast!!!!

  2. yeah, well, everyone didn't expect her to order a bowl of assam laksa AND hakka mee! that prolly caught everyone by surprise. but the guys had to jaga badan, since we were meeting up for lunch an hour after that! hehe.