Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Choppy Seas Were Not For Me

No wonder they say it's no big a deal to dive in KK.

On Sunday, we went with Beach Bums the dive operator situated at the marina jetty of Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort. We managed to clock two dives.

The sea was choppy after a night of rain, and I had my doubts about the visibility. I wanted to turn back and have my feet safely on land when we were on the boat, but sigh, there was no turning back.

My first dive was a bad one, as my mask kept fogging. It was so annoying and throughout the dive, I was just worrying about every single thing - clearly I wasn't really comfortable. I didn't see much, save for a lobster hiding in its little cave, touched a small puffed up puffer fish. That was at Edgell Patches.

We took an hour's break on Sapi Island and lazed by the beach. It felt so much better to have the sand beneath your feet, I tell you.

Next stop was Clement's Reef, and this time, I enjoyed my dive so much better. I borrowed their mask, and would you believe it, it never fogged during my dive at all! Bugger.

We saw a small blue spotted stingray, a school of yellow fusiliers and all sorts of fishes which I can't seem to identify. =D

Overall, I think we both realized that we prefer our hikes and running anytime. Perhaps we're not meant to be water babies at all.

But I do think that comfort plays a main role here. The compressed air was horrible, it was too dry. I didn't like it the minute I breathed it. Ugh. I wanted to gag!

My finning was bad that I was secretly relieved my dive instructor wasn't there to witness my lack of skills!

Nevertheless, I'm sure we'll both snap out of it and will look forward to calm and clear blue seas again... I hope!

After a 2 hour nap at home, we finally dragged ourselves out of bed to prepare for dinner. We were celebrating our mum's birthday!

Poor birthday girl had to prepare her birthday dinner herself. Hehe.

We paired our steamboat dinner with a bottle of Monty's Semillion Chardonnay, which was very interesting. A sip of wine after each bite of different food would make your tastebuds dance a different tune. I found its taste after munching on prawns to be more merry than the rest. Oh, it was good with pork balls, too!

p.s. see, now i'm planning for our next dive in September. *cross fingers*


  1. good to know u both went diving! :)

  2. haha, yeah. better to clock more dives and get used to the choppy seas and everything else! =)

    when is your next dive?

  3. coming August, live on board :)