Saturday, November 12, 2011

Breakfast Quesadilla

The first week of October was a pretty crazy one - I was on a roll with my baking and cooking: on Thursday (6th Oct), I baked Butter Kaya Muffins and Carrot Hummus, on Friday (7th Oct) I tried Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Chicken and on Sunday (9th Oct) I made these babies.

If you've had quesadilla at TGIF or chilli's, you would have more or less figured out what breakfast quesadilla would be.

Check the sites out and you'll see how beautiful they look - you'd want them for breakfast or lunch!

Ladies Who Brunch - Fast Breakfast Quesadilla
Taste of Home - Breakfast Quesadilla

Truth to be told, I adore Eat Live Run's site very much and it was her post that inspired me to make use of my leftover tortilla wraps!

I used: 2 tortilla wraps, carrot hummus, rocket leaves, tomato, sliced hotdog / sausages, and failed scrambled eggs. Failed, because they looked more like scrambled fried eggs. *heehee*

With all that on the saucepan, sprinkle a generous amount of mozzarella cheese.

Put the other wrap on top. Press down with your spatula.
Put a plate over the saucepan and turn the pan over carefully, so that you'll have the wrap onto your plate.

Then use your spatula to manoeuvre the wrap back onto the pan, with the top side now on the bottom. Press down with your spatula.

Count up to 10. Or 20. Or 30. Depends how crisp you want your quesadilla to be. ;)

Remove from saucepan and put it on the chopping board.
Eat the stray sliced hotdog. It's not helping with the presentation.
(Well, I kindly shoved it back into the wrap.)

Cut into 6 pieces.

Admire your masterpiece.

Best served with a side of salad, which I only added on to the plate after the picture was taken.

It was a very satisfying Sunday breakfast indeed.

Then we had to rush off to the Bride's Run at Doubletree KL.

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