Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger

I never knew what was 'pulled' meat until I decided to check it out on the Internet. (Isn't the Internet a glorious thing??)

I've always wanted to try Betty's Midwest Kitchen at Aman Suria but to date, I haven't had the chance to dine there. I heard the pulled pork burger over there is pretty yummy.

I decided to take things into my own hands - cook this pulled whatever meat I had in my fridge. I went with this recipe because it had the least ingredients. ;D

I'll summarise the steps for you.

1. Put deboned chicken into the crockpot.

2. Put in the chopped/diced yellow onion next.

3. Then in goes the diced pineapple.

4. Add dollops of barbeque sauce, up to 1/3 of the bottle. It's the size of a small bottle of Maggi's ketchup/chilli sauce.

5. Cook on high for 2 hours.

6. Remove chicken and shred them up. Put them back in and stir the ingredients. Continue to cook.

7. Two hours later, ready to serve.

Verdict: Good.

During the time it was stewing in the crockpot, the aromatic scent of the barbeque sauce almost killed YB and I both. It was close to midnight by the time it was cooked!

The next day I heated it up just a bit and served it on burger buns for dinner.

Please don't be like me, I had so little chicken but so much pineapple. And don't be deceived - it was so filling that we regretted making a 3rd burger for both of us to share. We were stuffed!

p.s. This was Friday or Saturday night's dinner, just a few days after the Butter Kaya Muffins were made.


  1. you can always share with us.. :D

  2. i wouldn't want to give you a sore throat ;)

  3. will give this a try when i am a bit rajin :)