Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Weekend in October

The first 2 days of October were spent in Universiti Pertanian Malaysia ("UPM") and I'm not joking. Serious. We drove to and fro on Saturday morning, and the same thing on Sunday morning.

On Saturday, YB and I were there to participate in the Malakoff Uuniversity Duathlon Series ("MUDS") together with a friend of mine who wanted to do the cycling bit. At the last minute, we named our team 'Kopi Power' because we weren't creative enough. ;D

I ran the first 3km leg and well, I'm not sure why I didn't run fast enough but I guess I felt like I was already running fast. I keep forgetting that my target pace for a 10km must not be used for a shorter distance run, but time and again, I always do. Argh.

YB did his best to speed up on his leg, but it was tough for him as well. The UPNM teams are just crazy fast. As usual, they grabbed the top 3 positions for the UPNM and UPM events, practically for almost all categories.

My friend pretty much went flat at the final slope, the one that kills most people during the Mizuno Wave Run. Remember that slope? I'm not sure whether it's tougher when you're cycling or on your feet.

Anyway, the duathlon was something new for both YB and I. This year, it has been our objective to try and do different things or events, instead of the same old signing up and run the route kind of thing.

The ice cream man is the most popular man on campus.

I told him, however, to stop me in future from participating in short distances (5km and below) as it's a pain to maintain a fast pace. I'm panting like a dog each time I run and I tend to receive strange looks from the runners I pass by. I know it's not ladylike but I can't help it!

Not sure if we'll be doing the UM one, though.

While most of the runners flocked the New Pantai Expressway ("NPE") for the Adidas King of the Road ("AKOTR") event on Sunday, YB and I headed back to UPM for the annual Dogathon event.

We attended last year's Dogathon and enjoyed being surrounded by the dogs that we vowed to return to this year's event. I made sure our diaries were free. ;D

We arrived just in time for the start of the run, where owners and dogs race on a 3km route.

Besides the 3km race, there were other activities such as the Fastest Eating Duo, Fetch, etc.

This year, we saw a weary looking St Bernard, who was probably suffering from heat stroke. If you think he's big, his owner doesn't think so because his parents were much bigger.

And the poor fella is shy - no petting allowed. Until later, when he was much more weary! =)

We saw plenty of Golden Retrievers this year, and I must say their golden colours and smiling faces seemed to dominate the scene. They're so gorgeous and smiley!

Meet 2 year old River, who won a dog dancing competition before. He's a restless little boy! (pic below)

He was pretty exhausted.

I adored Jaja, a 4 year old African Mastiff who is as sturdy as rock and was very calm and collected. I initially mistook her as a 'he'.

I want a bull mastiff!

I also adored the Rottweilers and well, it's hard to take picture of them because they're pretty restless!

Larkie is turning 1 in a few days. =)

4 month old baby Carlo(s) was checked out by a 5 month old German Shepherd. Poor darling!

"Doggies in Wonderland" was the theme for this year's Dogathon, with Alice in Wonderland in mind. I didn't see many dogs dressed up in their costumes but there were some little ones decked up for the Mad Hatter's tea party. Awwwww~

You know I could probably go on and on but I'll leave it as that. I need to redo the photos for the Facebook album. Sigh.

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