Friday, September 30, 2011

The Surprise Parties

I've been planning my revenge for months now *evil cackle* ever since YB threw a surprise birthday get together for me this year. [For the record, I demand a re-party, because the cake was bleurgh.]

Anyway, the night before we were going off to Redang, I got the guys to gather in YK's place on the pretext that we were needed to help him finish up some mooncakes.

I reminded him again, when he got home but he said no, he wanted to RUN. What, I freaked out in mind. Run??

I asked, surely we could just drop by before our run. He said no, he was adamant that we had to complete our run FIRST before dropping by to eat mooncakes.

Crappity crap, I thought.

His conference call to the States took forever. The guys were already starving but eventually they started with the satay.

That was 930pm.

Come 1030pm, his conference call was finally over. YB immediately prepared for our run.

Before he could even put on his socks, I heard the rain.

I rejoiced in my head, woohoo!

So I cajoled him into going down to YK's place instead for food. I warned the guys via whatsapp, to get ready.

Not caught on camera: YK, KFC, satay and pistachio ice cream. We were starving from the waiting!

Everyone was so happy to finally be able dig in. I was especially happy to be able to eat KFC after so long.

Later on, I asked him if he was surprised. He said he was. Are you sure, I asked. He said yes, he didn't expect the guys to pull something like this off.

He clearly doesn't know who the mastermind behind it all!

The following day was our trip to Redang. Firstly, however, we got our 10km run out of the way. Then it was prepping up for our road trip with the rest of the boys.

Joanna was in touch with me all the way, discussing what cake to get for YB. Since she bought it the night before we arrived at Redang, I figured we would have to celebrate his birthday, once again, early.

Everyone was knackered by dinner time and we still had to wait til 9pm for the surprise party. WK decided to retire early, despite AC reminding him we had to meet up for a briefing at 9pm.

WK told us to go ahead without us. AC had to whatsapp him to remind him, hellooooo, it's going to be YB's surprise birthday party!

We trudged to Coral Redang Island Resort where our dive instructors were staying. The guys nursed a glass of beer while YB proceeded to sit down and dozed off.

Joanna and I had the cake laid out in front of him before I prodded him awake. We sang Happy Birthday as enthusiastically as we could, in our tired state, but it was pretty lacklustre. =P

Gotcha! The birthday boy awoke from his slumber.

It was probably one of the most sombre birthday party I've ever attended. =P It was a quick gobble of a slice of the birthday cake (YB and I shared a slice) before everyone retired. The cake was surprisingly good!

Make a wish, make a wish!

As you should know by now, YB's birthday wish was to see the whale shark during one of our dives. We were told that some divers recently spotted it somewhere around the area.

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