Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant

During the 3 day holiday, YB and I went to the Fish Farm for dinner with some friends.

We were told that we need not reserve a table but lo and behold, when we arrived there at 7pm (some of them were there early while the rest of us arrived 30 minutes later), the place was full to the brim!

That made us worry about their service for the night.

Ooh grilled crabs greeted us near the entrance!

There's about 65 tables.

Some of the dishes arrived first without the rice. So YB and OK went off to get the rice bucket themselves and proceeded to serve us.

There was a temporary blackout but it didn't stop the rice from coming. ;D

The crabs were RM55 for 2 pieces, so we had 4 crabs in two types of gravy.

The fish and the prawns were the last to arrive. Check out the prawns! It was basically one per person.

Sure the food was tasty but the portion did not justify the price for it. They were pretty small, when in fact we requested for a large portion.

The desserts were actually ordered first while our friends were waiting for us to arrive. But they were served only AFTER our meal.

Perhaps you needed to inform them whether you wanted them served before or after a meal? I don't know.

The bill came up to RM304 for 9 pax.

Would we go back there again? I don't know. I'm sure there's some place else with the same price but with bigger servings!

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