Thursday, September 1, 2011

Picnic at Sg Kanching Waterfalls

Sunday - 7th August, 2011.

We decided to take a break from running that weekend and hence planned for a picnic with our partners to join us for the event. I'm sure some of them have been wondering about the people behind Dutamas Runners' who have been taking up so much of their partner's time.

Sungai Kanching is accessible from Jalan Kuching - Jalan Ipoh - Rawang Highway and is located after Templer's Park.

We were there early at 8am and true enough, it was quiet with only a few couple of people here and there.

We made our way up to Level 7, only to decide that perhaps we'd stay at Level 5. Some of us had opined that the picnic are at Level 7 wasn't wide enough to accommodate all of us.

Everyone brought some food to share. From baby burgers (Kenny), to quiche (Yin Yin), to fried chicken nuggets (Alicia, Paul & Michelle), to canned food and bread (Captain, MY, Geoff & Joyce), to hotdogs, bread, junk food and others (YB and myself), bottles of Revive (Andrew) and bags of pistachio (OKT), there was simply too much food for everyone!

YB brought his mini cooking camping set to grill the dogs AND boil some water for cups of tea all around. That probably kept everyone happy in anticipation of warm food and drinks!

We were also surrounded by macaques (monkeys) which were clearly eyeing our food and bags. Paul was our guardian for that day.

All in all, it was a fun getaway and looks like there's more to come!

Our next proposed outing will be to Skytrex in November.

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