Tuesday, September 20, 2011

AOW - Sorted!

(written yesterday)

We finally got our Advanced Open Water licence, just to allow us to dive down to a maximum depth of 40m. *all smiles*

I must say it was a tiring holiday and we definitely need another holiday to recover from this one.

My head is still woozy and I feel as if my brains are rocking to and fro, as if its still on board the speed boat. Oww.

Just like a hangover.

For our five Adventure dives, we did the following:
Underwater Navigation, Deep Dive, Drift Dive, Night Dive and Wreck Dive.

To tell you the honest truth, I didn't enjoy the night dive. The light from the torchlight was limited and not widely angled (can't complain much about a rented torch, ya?), and my mask kept fogging, which was pretty annoying. I kept bumping into the rocks, and then there was a part where I became to buoyant and floated up.

I was stuck. I couldn't descend anymore. I waved my torch from left to right several times (that is the distress signal, by the way) but no one saw me! They were busy watching a squid approaching a fish for noms. Sheesh.

It was a very uneventful dive for me. I struggled with my ever so foggy mask and buoyancy in the dark. Sure I saw a flounder, some crabs, puffer fishes, a sleeping parrot fish ... hmmm, that's about it, I guess.

On the last evening at Redang, we took park in a some beach games with another group of people which consisted of a large number of snorkelers and only 3 divers.

Divided into 3 teams of 6, YB and I joined 4 others to form a team. We won both games!

Every evening, the beach is filled with people and the house reef with snorkelers. We sat by the beach and watched the people, while 2 of our friends went snorkeling.

We witnessed a girl trying to force her toy poodle into the water. She tugged her dog's leash but the dog resisted. She carried the dog into the water and the dog struggled out of her arms, wanting to get her feet back onto the shore.

We were blessed with clear sunny skies, did you know? We heard that it was always raining in KL during the evenings.

I wouldn't mind another holiday, you know.

Diving was pretty good.
Food was OK.
The company was great. ;)

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