Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dutamas Runners: The Porklings

Lynn & Bin make up two thirds (2/3) of 'The Porklings', with myself being the 3rd lil piggy. We made our debut at the Pacemakers' 7th Anniversary Relay held at Kepong Metropolitan Park on August 14th, 2011. Did you see our curly green tails?

1. You have just completed your first team relay event! Was it hard?
Lynn: It was definitely more stressful than running my first marathon. The pressure! The last minute attempts at hill-training and speed work!

Bin: it was certainly no walk in the park! ..... geddit?? coz we were running weren't we.. funny huh, that's me. but yea.. dam hard trying to run fast & maintain poise for camera towards the end

2. How long have you been running?
Lynn: Running is a bit of an overstatement. I think “jogger” or “brisk walker” are better word choices. I was never particularly sporty but would run in school sports day and cross country when forced. I also used to go to the gym with my mother when I was in my teens and she used to scold me for being lackadaisical on the treadmill with “Is this how you study for exams? How will you succeed in life!”. An auspicious start! My first real run was the half marathon in the 2009 KL Standard Chartered Marathon. I was very busy at work and did not manage to do much training, and some friends from outstation were in town so I ended up spending the night before having a couple of drinks at Sky Bar. I finished in 2:46 (I think) in so much pain, you wouldn’t believe it.

Bin: long time lor.. just wasn't any good only ma. haha.. i guess this is about running competitively - joining events etc.. in which case first event same as Lynn 2009 SCKLM, but our running prep for that was seriously funny la looking back.. and how we nearly died during our 10k run. great memories...

3. You run because …
Lynn: … I am very vain and I would like to eat all my favourite foods without getting so fat that I have to be airlifted out of my apartment!

Bin: ... I married my agent! :D i'd be happily playing my racket sports oblivious to the running world if it wasn't for vonsy teo.. having said that no regrets now that i've started running, my stamina has improved dramatically due to running & it is helping me in my other sports & running has certainly brought us fantastic new friends.

4. Why did you call yourselves ‘The Porklings’?
Lynn: I don’t know how it came about. As far as I can remember Yvonne was chatting online with me about potential names while signing up for PAR 7 and throwing suggestions at a distracted Bin- she’s a multi-tasker, that one is. A mutual lifelong undying passion for all foods porky really helped.

Bin: i guess we're not exactly 'The Gazelles' are we :P + we definitely belong more to the cute & lazy & annoying & cuddly type gwa + our love for bakuteh + i guess it sounded more sophisticated than 'The Suckling Pigs'?

[YT: The other name we had in mind was "The Porky Pies".]

5. What is the best and worst thing about running?
Lynn: The best is being able to eat anything while training for the FM without putting on an ounce. Why are all my answers food-centric? Try again- The best is hanging out with all the cool people of Dutamas Runners, checking out the cute super fast running guys on the BA-Hartamas-BA route, the natural high after every run, amassing a huge running skirt collection, the fantastic bak kut teh and kau yoke mai fun everyone bribed me with (food again!), and feeling strong! The worst was when my toenails fell out after doing the half marathon in the 2010 Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon and my feet and toes got so ugly that they could ward off would-be rapists. The nails have only just grown back and I have just had my first pedicure of 2011!

Bin: BEST thing is what running is bringing us - weight control ahem, maybe i should write 'what running should be bringing us' :D + the new found wonderful friends & the overall social scene, it really is a great sport. We can now watch marathon or track & field events on sports channel & truly appreciate what the runners are going through...! WORST thing is showing up for a race/event very ill-prepared - and suffering at the final few km to show for it! and i guess all the related injuries - the sore muscles, the joints start to ache etc.

6. Do you have any running goals?
Lynn: Refer to above- I would like to stay slim enough not to have to be airlifted out of my apartment.

Bin: already attaining the mini short-term ones - eg. clocking new PBs etc.& i guess ultimate goal is to be able to stay strong & fit & run with vonsy teo for a very long time more, i've got a FB running memoirs album to upkeep!

7. What is your favourite pre-race carbo loading food?
Lynn: Once upon a time, I would have said KFC but I have been advised that KFC does not qualify as a carbohydrate and is actually mostly fat and protein. I am also partial to a good banana leaf rice.

Bin: don't have leh... but for some reason i can't stop thinking about double GCB right now donno why

8. Your next running event would be …
Lynn: Yellow Ribbon Prison Run in Singapore with Yvonne’s cousin Jeannie, and Penang Bridge International Marathon with the the Porklings and my little sister. I am eagerly anticipating the asam laksa and char kueh teow already!

[YT: Er ... we MAY be running in another theme for PBIM!]

Bin: should be river jungle marathon. unless agent booked something earlier.

9. Will you run as ‘The Porklings’ again?
Lynn: For sure! As Captain (Khoo Yit Kiat of Dutamas Runners) told me (in jest) – “Gaya mesti ada, kalah tidak apa”. And the Porklings are definitely gaya!

Bin: once a porkling, forever a porkling.

10. You completed your first FM this year. what was it like?
Lynn: I turn 30 at the end of this year. The FM was a way to show myself that I may be hitting the big three oh but I can darn well run 42km! A slightly premature mid-life crisis of sorts. It was a great experience, fantastic fun, I trained with 2 other FMV’s Melvin and Kenny. That said, the next time I have a mid-life crisis, I am buying a sportscar and getting myself a 21 year old toyboy. Much less painful!

Bin: NA. ask me again after September!

There you go. If you see someone running by with a crocheted green curly tail on his or her behind, it could probably be one of us!

The props for The Porklings include snouts, green tails, moustaches and a bright yellow crown. The snouts were store bought (via Ebay!) and the rest were crocheted by me.

Thanks for the pictures I nicked from our friends. =)

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