Monday, September 12, 2011

Cranberry Scones

Two weeks ago, I flipped through my printed recipes (I've been collected recipes for months now, but have yet to try them all!) and decided that it was time for scones.

The recipe is from Joy of I also wanted to make cream to go with them, but resorted to making cream cheese frosting instead.

I made small pieces instead of 8 triangles, as I thought it would be easier for my guinea pigs to consume. I didn't want them to be forced to finish a bigger piece if they turned out blah.

Best served warm and with cream. Sadly, cream cheese frosting had to do.

My grief:
The scones had a citrus-y scent as mixed peels was added to the batter. The next time, however, I'll probably have to chop the mixed peels into smaller pieces.

They were kinda hard. =( I need to make them more moist, but YB wanted them hard. Hmmfh.

p.s. Did I tell you that my dad really liked my pumpkin carrot cake? =))


  1. Try grating the peel (using the largest hole size on the grater) instead of chopping!

  2. very cool. i use a lot of recipe from joyofbaking also. but since trying to cut down on grain/wheat and etc, less now. Use to make bread every weekend.

    may try the pumpkin carrot cake this weekend :)