Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Race To The Guinness

Get it? Heehee!

A few of us decided to go for a quick short run around Bukit Tunku yesterday evening (Sunday). The plan was to complete a 6km run before we proceeded to glug a pint of Guinness. Woohoo, happy hours indeed! ;)

With OKT setting the pace, we were huffing and puffing up Jalan Bukit Tunku and wondering why on earth were we subjecting ourselves to this torture. The boys glared at me (bet they thought I wouldn’t notice!) as we completed the first km uphill but I quickly denied any liability of setting the route.

“It was Captain’s suggestion!” I wheezed.

Thankfully, we reached the mini roundabout in front of the Belvedere residences and I knew it was another km or so to the traffic lights at Jabatan Kerja Raya (“JKR”). Everyone began speeding up.

At the traffic lights, we u-turned and traced our steps back towards Jalan Langgak Tunku. It was just starting to drizzle so everyone began to hurry to get back to Selangor Properties before it poured. I couldn’t see OKT or YB ahead of me, but occasionally I would catch a glimpse of YL’s back.

OKT’s average pace was 5:30, and mine was 5:50. It sounds pretty far off from his! I did my best to sprint during the final km, but it was only a poor 5:00 at best. Boo. (My legs were still tired from Saturday morning’s LSD. Can I use that excuse? ;D)

The crowd at Sid’s Pub cleared out considerably after the rugby finals so we managed to grab some seats.

Oh, that’s YL’s baby boy in, Andrew’s arms. ;D
Captain and Geoff came and join us later for a drink.

Cheers to running!
And fatherhood! =P

All in all, it was a good workout. This quick session is a first of Dutamas Runners’ Run & Glug series, which I think can only happen every now and then or it would burn a hole in our wallets.

Perhaps next time it would be wise to proceed to a coffee shop which serves bottled Carlsberg, Heineken or Tiger. Heehee.

p.s. Our route can be found here.


  1. oh man....miss the run and glug session.....

    great posting.

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  3. It was a great evening although I went on a slow pace. :)

    Gavin is adobs!